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Dear Students, As we've all seen the drastic change in the pattern of Questions asked in English Section, Gone are the days when we used to predict types and no. of questions asked in the clerk and PO exam..but now every single day Questions are changing. IBPS is surprising all of us by asking CAT Exam pattern Questions. 
So now we've decided to help and guide all of you to Sail through these unpredictable Bank Exams.
Every day,  we'll provide Quizzes based on the new pattern and some other new type of Questions that also might be asked in the upcoming exams. The best thing you can do is to be well prepared and familiar with all possible type of questions. We'll also post the tricks and approach to nail unexpected pattern questions.

Directions (1-15): Each question has a sentence with one word BOLD/underlined. Identify the meaning of the underlined word, as used in the sentence, from among the five alternatives and mark its number as your answer.

Q1.The Vatican was our final stop in Italy before we embarked on our journey homeward.
(a) decided
(b) pursued
(c) proceeded
(d) started
(e) concluded

Q2.The cosmetic preparations that are used for beautifying oneself have deleterious effects.
(a) harmful
(b) unpredictable
(c) tremendous
(d) beneficial
(e) lasting

Q3. Komal, a graduate in marketing, has been obsessed with songs since the age of 10.
(a) captivated
(b) disturbed
(c) continually preoccupied
(d) shrouded
(e) confronted

Q4. With his cunning business acumen he had amassed a large fortune.
(a) power
(b) capability
(c) accountability
(d) competition
(e) astuteness

Q5. Sleep eluded the worried student and he went out for a breath of fresh air.
(a) shadowed
(b) lacked
(c) evaded
(d) seized
(e) neglected

Q6. Rachna would often reminisce about her college days.
(a) forget
(b) recall the past
(c) reexamine
(d) remark
(e) review

Q7. In Maharashtra, the turmoil in the education system has percolated right down to the pre-primary level.
(a) state of confusion
(b) state of uproar
(c) state of negligence
(d) state of changes
(e) state of stagnation

Q8. The hill station has lost its allure on account of ugly structures mushrooming all over the place.
(a) peace
(b) attraction
(c) situation
(d) scenery
(e) purpose

Q9. The presence of hawkers on footpaths hinders both pedestrian and vehicular movement.
(a) buyers
(b) vendors
(c) beggars
(d) rag pickers
(e) consumers

Q10. The woman castigated herself for being unduly worried and angry.
(a) advertise
(b) criticized
(c) killed
(d) appreciated
(e) cut

Q11. As the results came in, all the party workers were in a jubilant mood and began to rejoice.
(a) praise
(b) propagate
(c) exclaim
(d) applaud
(e) celebrate

Q12. For Hindus, the lamp is replete with symbolism and significance.
(a) formed
(b) realised
(c) worshipped
(d) abounding
(e) exhilarant

Q13. Our wedding was an austere ceremony conducted with simple dignity.
(a) restricted
(b) simple
(c) luxurious
(d) respected
(e) elaborate

Q14. Vijaya was decorous in her speech and behaviour and she was appreciated by all for her conduct.
(a) relaxed
(b) proper
(c) hesitant
(d) enthusiastic
(e) grand

Q15. Frugality should be the maxim of every good householder.
(a) proverb
(b) normal
(c) watchword
(d) notion
(e) plenty

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