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Dear Students, As we've all seen the drastic change in the pattern of Questions asked in English Section, Gone are the days when we used to predict types and no. of questions asked in the clerk and PO exam..but now every single day Questions are changing. IBPS is surprising all of us by asking CAT Exam pattern Questions. 

So now we've decided to help and guide all of you to Sail through these unpredictable Bank Exams.

Every day,  we'll provide Quizzes based on the new pattern and some other new type of Questions that also might be asked in the upcoming exams. The best thing you can do is to be well prepared and familiar with all possible type of questions. We'll also post the tricks and approach to nail unexpected pattern questions. 

Directions (1-15): For each of the words given below, a contextual usage is provided. From the alternatives given, pick the word that is the most inappropriate as a substitute in the given context and mark its number as your answer.

Q1. Venom: The venom in his voice was unmistakable.
(a) rancour
(b) abhorrence
(c) malice
(d) malevolence
(e) bitterness

Q2. Acquittal: His acquittal in spite of the incriminating evidence surprised all of us.
(a) dismissal
(b) vindication
(c) exoneration
(d) deliverance
(e) exculpation

Q3. Presage: The phenomenal growth of this chain of stores presaged globalization and was a glitzy part of it.
(a) supported
(b) signaled
(c) prophesised
(d) portended
(e) threatened

Q4. Unassailable: Its brand image is unassailable.
(a) impregnable
(b) invincible
(c) inviolable
(d) invisible
(e) secure

Q5. Abjure: I have decided to abjure smoking.
(a) relinquish
(b) renounce
(c) abnegate
(d) discontinue
(e) abandon

Q6. Despondent: After their trauma, they were exhausted and despondent.
(a) doleful
(b) morose
(c) defiant
(d) crestfallen
(e) dismal

Q7. Fitfully: She felt groggy in the morning as she had slept fitfully the previous night.
(a) faintly
(b) intermittently
(c) irregularly
(d) discontinuously
(e) erratically

Q8. Incredulous: He was incredulous regarding the potential benefits of the tiny gadget.
(a) cynical
(b) disbelieving
(c) weary
(d) skeptical
(e) dubious

Q9. Misconstrue: His introverted behaviour is often misconstrued as haughtiness.
(a) erred
(b) misinterpreted
(c) misunderstood
(d) confused
(e) miscalculated

Q10. Embellish: On the occasion of the festival, the deity was embellished with jewels of many types.
(a) adorned
(b) beautified
(c) studded
(d) decorated
(e) beatified

Q11. Paean: The student leader ended his speech singing paeans about the initiatives adopted by the new principal.
(a) panegyric
(b) accolades
(c) eulogy
(d) anathema
(e) tribute

Q12. Sprightly: Her sprightly disposition camouflaged her illness.
(a) voracious
(b) vivacious
(c) jaunty
(d) perky
(e) frisky

Q13. Ubiquitous: The ubiquitous internet cafes have helped increase the level of its accessibility to the common man.
(a) pervasive
(b) dominating
(c) prevalent
(d) extensive
(e) rife

Q14. Tyro: His subtle discomfort in front of the camera reveals that he is a tyro in this field.
(a) novice 
(b) veteran
(c) beginner
(d) neophyte
(e) trainee

Q15. Variegated: The variegated religions and the multitude of cultures contribute to the rich spiritual heritage of our country.
(a) kaleidoscopic
(b) psychedelic
(c) many-hued
(d) diversified
(e) colourful


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