How to Solve English Section in SBI PO 2017?

New Pattern English Questions will be part of ENGLISH section in SBI PO and it being crucial, you need to understand main components of ENGLISH.
With a growing emphasis on communication, soft skills and language skills in today’s world, the importance of Understanding of English has increased all the more. It forms a significant part of entrance examinations across disciplines and professions. It might appear that sailing through the ENGLISH section would be easy since it comprises questions which we are used to encountering in some form or the other from our school days. While this may hold true for exceptional cases, 
a majority of us need to continuously work on our language skills and when it’s for an exam, the stakes are raised.
The good news is that one can work towards scoring well in the Verbal Ability section. Don't lose your heart, there is always a way for all problems. But to get the desired result, you need to have a strong will power combined with hard work and persistent effort to make it happen. These are a few things that you need to keep in mind. 

1. Develop interest
Students, The first step that you need to consider is to develop an interest in the language. For exam like SBI PO which is on par with CAT exam in pattern and difficulty more or less, you need to definitely, have a clear goal and then develop an interest to qualify the cutoff and score better than others.  A language comprises various rules and technicalities. It requires unwavering effort on the part of the student. The job becomes easier if the students develop an interest in learning the language and mastering it. 

2. Read a lot
Reading helps improve language skills. The more you read, the better equipped you will be to deal with questions related to the language. Through extensive reading, you encounter the various ways in which language can be used along with new words, idioms, phrases, sentence structures and other things. You will be able to communicate and write better once you have ample vocabulary learned by heart. All the students find English section very difficult, tricky or unsolvable because they all lack reading habits. yes, reading requires a great deal of dedication and time, but if you take this initiative, you'll be thankful for your stars. not only you'll qualify the bank exam but also it will make you more informed, wiser and a better person. 
You always keep asking- how to improve English for exams? the answer lies within you. You all have been avoiding this ritual for long, now it is the time when you put a full stop to your complaints, take firm action, work on it, get over it for once and all. 

3. Increase Your vocabulary
One of the basic requirements to ace the ENGLISH section is build your vocabulary. Since a lot of questions that make up the ENGLISH section are built around words, acquainting yourself with a wide range of words is an inevitable part of preparing for the ENGLISH SECTION OF SBI PO EXAM. Vocabulary Questions will be asked in different ways/form but remember once you have created your own vocabulary, you can answer all the vocab related questions, new pattern or old, it will not matter at all.  There are various sources through which you can increase your vocabulary. Some of the ways are through newspapers, magazines, dictionaries, thesaurus and so on. 

4. Cover Important areas
It might not be possible to cover all the areas of language learning for the purpose of the entrance examination, therefore, focus on key areas which will help you ace the English Section. Key areas include synonyms, antonyms, word meanings, idioms, basic grammar, such as articles, prepositions, adjectives, adverbs and so on. This approach can be of help to those students, in particular, who don’t have time to master the language thoroughly or who want to brush up their existing knowledge. For SBI PO 2017, we can't predict the pattern of exam, Anything can be asked, the paper maker can play with the paragraphs, sentences or vocabulary in all the possible ways. So, The only thing that will certainly help is your reading habits, your understanding of the language. Once you are able to assimilate, analyze and rephrase the given English paragraph/sentences, you'll be able to answer all type of questions. 
We've published our 80 days plan for SBI PO 2017.In this plan, we've included 24 different types of new pattern questions. So, we suggest you go through this plan and know all the New pattern English Question. We will publish approach/trick/strategies to master such new pattern English questions. 

5. Practice, Practice, Practice
Learning the rules of grammar or memorizing new words will be of little help if you don’t practice regularly and implement whatever you learn. It is not possible to memorize words and be able to retain them for longer periods if you do not use them in your conversations regularly, as words will quietly slip to the passive vocabulary. 

Similarly, the rules of grammar can only be retained if you practice questions, observe the ways in which they are used and make a conscious effort to make them a part of your daily conversations.
The English language constitutes a significant part of the Bank entrance exams. A student has to score well in this section to harbor any hopes of cracking the entrance. Thus, the candidates should work on improving their English language skills.

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