New Pattern English Questions for SBI PO 2017


As we all know SBI PO is here and we are ready with the 80 days plan in which we provide you daily quizzes on new pattern questions with different topics that will help you in fetching good marks in SBI PO Exam. 

Directions (1-15): In the following passage, some of the words have been left out, each of which is indicated by a number and a word is given for each blank. If the given word is correct then choose appropriate option (E) as correct answer, otherwise find the suitable word from the options given against each number and fill up the blanks with appropriate words to make the paragraph meaningfully complete.

WHAT is the sum of ……1……(physical) science? Compared with the ……2………… (commercial) universe and with ……3……(conceivable) time, not to speak of infinity and eternity, it is the observation of a mere ……4…… (pointless), the experience of an ……5…… (instant). Are we ……6…… (quarantine) in founding anything upon such data, except that which we are obliged to found upon them – the daily rules and processes ……7……(unnecessary) for the natural life of man? We call the discoveries of science ……8……;(sublime) and truly. But the sublimity belongs not to that which they ……9……(conceal) but to that which they suggest. And that which they suggest is, that through this material glory and beauty, of which we see a little and imagine more, there speaks to us a being whose nature is akin to ours, and who has made our hearts capable of such converse. Astronomy has its practical uses, without which man’s ……10……(intend) would scarcely rouse itself of those speculations; but its greatest result is a ……11……(revelation) of immensity pervaded by one informing mind; and this revelation is made by astronomy only in the same sense in which the ……12……(stethoscope) reveals the stars to the eye of the astronomer.

Science finds no law for the thoughts which, with her aid, are ministered to man by the starry skies. Science can ……13……(disapprove) the hues of sunset, but she cannot tell from what urns of pain and ……14……(pleasure) its pensiveness is poured. These things are felt by all men, felt the more in proportion as the mind is higher. They are a part of human nature; and why should they not be as sound a basis for ……15……(philology) as any other part? But if they are, the solid wall of material law melts away, and through the whole order of the material world pours the influence, the personal influence, of a spirit corresponding to our own.

(a) spiritual
(b) materialistic
(c) corporal
(d) disbursal
(e) The given word is correct.

(a) transient
(b) sumptuous
(c) incomplete
(d) comprehensible
(e) The given word is correct.

(a) innuendo
(b) insurmountable
(c) achievable
(d) approachable
(e) The given word is correct.

(a) point
(b) conjecture
(c) context
(d) coincidence
(e) The given word is correct.

(a) intact
(b) constant
(c) contest
(d) command
(e) The given word is correct.

(a) challan
(b) warranted
(c) guaranty
(d) plausible
(e) The given word is correct.

(a) necessary
(b) obligatory
(c) unrequited
(d) dormant
(e) The given word is correct.

(a) unfound
(b) profound
(c) supreme
(d) soliloquy
(e) The given word is correct.

(a) subjective
(b) ill-gotten
(c) reveal
(d) illustration
(e) The given word is correct.

(a) intellect
(b) intrepid
(c) insolent
(d) interpretation
(e) The given word is correct.

(a) uninterested
(b) reflection
(c) remorse
(d) replete
(e) The given word is correct.

(a) sphygmomanometer
(b) seismograph
(c) barometer
(d) telescope
(e) The given word is correct.

(a) disdain
(b) explain
(c) certify
(d) dominate
(e) The given word is correct.

(a) displeasure
(b) wonder
(c) disastrous
(d) supplement
(e) The given word is correct.

(a) dermatology
(b) biology
(c) sociology
(d) philosophy
(e) The given word is correct.


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