Reasoning New Pattern Questions for SBI PO

As we all know SBI PO is here and we are ready with the 80 days plan in which we provide you daily quizzes on new pattern questions with different topics that will help you to go through this exam.
So, here we are with the Revision of the Week.

Directions (1-5): Read the following information carefully in below Data Flow Diagram and answer the questions that follow:
A person wants to book the online ticket from IRCTC website.

Q1. If a customer searches more than three trains then what is the possibility that he must find a seat on the train?
(a) He may find the seat
(b)He must find the seat
(c) It is not sure from the data flow diagram that he finds a seat after searching more than three trains
(d)There is no possibility that  Customer can find the seat. Because customer can not search more than three trains
(e)None of these

Q2. If a customer wants to make payment through cash then he or she must select the option?
(a) The customer has to pay cash at the counter and then book the ticket
(b) Customer has to submit the demand draft of ticket amount 
(c) Customer may submit the ticket amount during the journey to TT
(d) There is no necessary to make payment, the customer may book the ticket without payment.
(e)There is no option  available for cash payment

Q3.If customer payment has done and the amount has deducted from his/her account then, which of the following reasons show that the ticket is booked or not?
(a) After customer payment has done and the amount is deducted from his/her account then the ticket is booked.
(b) Ticket must be booked and reach to his/her home by post.
(c) The ticket is not booked even after the payment has done.
(d) It is not necessary and we can't say anything whether the ticket is booked or not. 
(e)None of these

Q4.If there is no train available on the date selected by you then can you search for another traveling option on the IRCTC website on the same date?
(a) Yes, one can look for the air ticket
(b)Yes, One can look for bus ticket
(c) Customer may opt for an application form from IRCTC and then fill it manual for another kind of travel option
(d) There is no such other options are available.
(e) None of these

Q5.Which of the following condition not describe that ticket is not booked?
(a) If there is no train available on that day which you are looking for
(b) If you crossed the maximum search limit for the train
(c)  When you get confirmation mail and message about ticket booking
(d) If your payment is not done
(e) None of these.

Directions (6-8): Study the information and answer the following questions:
In a certain code language 
"green field look beautiful" is coded as- PN12  YD12  UH4  TQ14
"core solution is that" is coded as-  GG20  HR9  MN19  VN3
"air travel mob cost" is coded as-  GP3  NN2  OQ20  ZH18

Q6.What is the code for ‘beautiful gone’ in the given code language?
(a)  YD12  VN14
(b)  TQ14  VN7
(c)  PN12  VN7
(d)  VN7  YD12
(e)None of these

Q7.What is the code for ‘education' in the given code language?
(a) CV15
(b) CV14
(c) VC14
(d) VN14
(e)None of these

Q8.What may be the possible code for' tormenting phase'  in the given code language?
(a)  NT25  KG5
(b)  TN20  GK5
(c) KG5  TN25
(d) TN20  KG5
(e)None of these

Directions (9-10): Study the information and answer the following questions:
There are twelve members in the family O, P, Q, R, S, T, U, V, W, X, Y, and Z. R is son S. Y and Z are sisters. W is the mother of P. Q is the daughter of T. V's brother R has only one sister Q. P is the brother of Z, who is married to V. S is the mother of Q, who is married to X. U is the father of X and has only one grand-daughter.

Q9.How is O related to Q?
(a)  Mother
(b)  Sister
(c)  Niece
(d)  Daughter
(e)None of these

Q10. V is related to Z, in the same way, T is related to S, in the same way, U is related to?
(a) P
(b) Q
(c) R
(d) S
(e)None of these

Directions (11-15): Study the information below and answer the given questions.
Eight family members A, B, C, D, E, F, G, and H are sitting in a circle, not necessarily in the same order. Four of them are facing outside and four of them are facing the center. There is three generation in the family. There is three married couple in the family. F and D are married couples. E faces outside. Both the immediate neighbours of E face the center. The person, who is the wife of A sits second to the right of E. H is the only daughter of B. E's grandfather sits third to the left of E. The one, who is the wife of F faces the center. C is the mother in law of A. Both the immediate neighbours of one, who is the wife of F face outside. G sits second to the left of F's brother in law. B is the grandfather of G and E.B sits third to the right of his daughter. F is an immediate neighbour of D. C is an immediate neighbour of G. D is not an immediate neighbour of B. No two person facing outside sit adjacent to each other. F is the third oldest in the family. D's age is less than A but greater than H.

Q11. If it is given that grandfather of G is the oldest person in the family, then who sits third to the right of the person who is the second oldest person in the family?
(a) A
(b) D
(c) C
(d) G
(e) None of these

Q12. Who is third youngest in the family?
(a) A
(b) B
(c) C
(d) E
(e) H

Q13. If all the people are made to sit in alphabetical order, in a clockwise direction, starting from A, the position of whom amongst the following remains the same (Excluding A)?
(a) E
(b) F
(c) C
(d) G
(e) None of these

Q14.Who is the immediate neighbour of one who is the son of D?
(a) HA
(b) FH
(c) GC
(d) DA
(e) Can't determine

Q15. Who amongst the following sits exactly between F and F's mother?
(a) E
(b) B
(c) G
(d) A
(e) None of these


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