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As we all know SBI PO is here and we are here to help you by providing daily night class quizzes on new pattern questions with different topics that will help you to go through this exam.
So, here we are with some tough New Pattern questions of puzzle and logical reasoning .

Directions (1-4): Read the following information carefully given in below data flow diagram and answer the questions that follow:
A student applying for a course in University after his Intermediate.

Q1. If a student want to apply B.Arch course then he/she must belongs to which of the following stream ?
(a) Science
(b) Commerce
(c)  Art
(d) Science or Art
(e) This course is not available in the University. So student can't apply for this course

Q2. If student has qualified the test then what may be impossible reason that he did not find the admission in the University?
(a) Student may refuse to pay admission fees
(b) Student may refuse to submit necessary document
(c) Student did not get admission receipt even after the submit the necessary document 
(d) None of these
(e) Can' determine

Q3.If a student belongs to science group and want to apply for B.Tech and B.Sc both course then what is the procedure he/she has must follow?
(a) He/she has to submit separate application form.
(b) Student will have to take permission from Vice Chancellor of University then he/she can apply.
(c)Student has to submit only one application form and can select both course in the same form.
(d) This is impossible according to Data flow diagram.
(e) None of these

Q4.Which of the following possible reason that even after getting the admission in University , the University terminate the student?
(a) He/she refuse to take the University hostel.
(b) ) He/she start annoying his faculty member.
(c)  ) He/she want to join gym which is restricted by University.
(d) ) He/she refuse to give the mess fees.
(e) Not mention in the data flow diagram.

Directions (5-6): Study the information and answer the following questions:
In a certain code language 
" but magic things necessary" is coded as " XM14  SA2  SR19  BL13
" natural beauty seen good " is coded as "  AX25  KM14  FC4  RM14

Q5.What is the code for ‘beauty minds’ in the given code language?
(a)  AX25   RS20
(b)  LR13  AX25
(c)  RL13  AX25
(d)  LR20  AX30
(e)   LR13  AZ20

Q6.What is the code for ‘excellent' in the given code language?
(a) DS5
(b) ST5
(c) SD5
(d) SD20

Directions (7-8): Read the information carefully and answer the questions the following questions: 
If A + B means A is the father of B.
If A × B means A is the sister of B.
If A $ B means A is the wife of B. 
If A % B means A is the mother of B. 
If A ÷ B mean A is the son of B.

Q7. Which of the following relation is not true if it is given that  P+Q×R÷S×T$U÷V
(a) P is the father of R
(b) Q is the sister of R
(c)  T is the daughter in law of V
(d) V is the mother of U
(e) U is the son of V

Q8. Which of the following relation is true if it is given that  N÷R×T+K%L$M? 
(a) L is daughter in law of K
(b) M is son in law of K
(c) T is father of M
(d) R is grand mother of M
(e) R is the mother of K

Directions (9-10): Study the following arrangement carefully and answer the questions given below:
B 4 @ D A © 7 9 F % 2 R 5 H 6 E * N $ 1 U W 3 P T 8 δ V # Y I

Q9. Which of the following is the twelfth to the left of the twenty-first from the left end of the above arrangement? 
(a) R
(b) 1
(c) 5
(d) $
(e) None of these 

Q10. Four of the following five are alike in a certain way based on their position in the above arrangement and so form a group. Which is the one that does not belong to that group? 
(a) 5 6 2
(b) W P U
(c) © 9 D 
(d) δ # T
(e) U 3 $ 

Directions (11-15): Read the information given below and answer the next five questions that follow.
Six friends Rahul , Kabeer , Anup, Raghu, Amit and Alok were engineering graduates. All six of them were placed in six different companies and were posted in six different locations, namely Tisco-Jamshedpur, Telco-Pune, Wipro-Bengaluru, HCL-Noida, Mecon-Ranchi and Usha Martin-Kolkata. Each of them has their personal e-mail id’s with different e-mail providers i.e., Gmail, Indiatimes, Rediffmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, Sancharnet, though not necessarily in the same order. The one having e-mail account with Sancharnet works in Noida and the one having an e-mail account with Indiatimes works for Tisco. Amit does not stay in Bengaluru and does not work for Mecon, the one who works for Mecon has an e-mail id with Gmail. Rahul has an e-mail id with Rediffmail and works at Pune. Alok does not work for Mecon and the one who works for Wipro does not have an e-mail account with Yahoo. Kabeer is posted in Kolkata and does not have an account with Hotmail. Neither Alok nor Raghu work in Noida. The one who is posted in Ranchi has an e-mail id which is not an account of Rediffmail or Hotmail. Anup is posted in Jamshedpur.

Q11. The man who works in Wipro has an e-mail account with
(a) Sancharnet
(b) Yahoo
(c) Radiffmail
(d) gmail
(e) None of these

Q12. Which of the following e-mail-place of posting-person combination is correct?
(a) Kabeer-Kolkata-Rediffmail
(b) Alok-Bengaluru-Indiatimes
(c) Amit-Noida-Yahoo
(d) Raghu-Ranchi-Gmail
(e) Kabeer-Kolkata-Gmail

Q13. Which of the following is true?
(a) Amit is posted at Ranchi
(b) Raghu is posted at Jamshedpur
(c) Kabeer has an e-mail id with Yahoo
(d) Rahul has an e-mail id with Indiatimes
(e) Amit is posted at Kolkata

Q14. Which of the following sequences of location represent Alok, Kabeer, Anup, Rahul, Raghu and Amit in the same order?
(a) Bengaluru, Noida, Pune, Jamshedpur, Ranchi, Kolkata
(b) Bengaluru, Kolkata, Jamshedpur, Pune, Noida, Ranchi
(c) Kolkata, Bengaluru, Jamshedpur, Pune, Noida, Ranchi
(d) Kolkata, Jamshedpur, Pune, Noida, Ranchi, Bengleru
(e) None of the above

Q15. People who have e-mail account with Indiatimes, Sancharnet and Yahoo work for which companies in the same sequence as the e-mail accounts mentioned?
(a) Usha Martin, HCL, Wipro
(b) Tisco, Wipro, Usha Martin
(c) HCL, Tisco, Wipro
(d) Tisco, HCL, Usha Martin
(e) HCL, Wipro, Usha Martin


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