SBI vs SSC, What's Your Call?

Hello Friends,

Its been a month and a half when we entered the year 2017. We had a lot of expectations and SBI hit it right before time. One of the pioneer banking job has hit the students with a preponed notification for the post of Probationary Officer. But hope you remember that SSC also released a calendar in the month of Oct/Nov where SSC CGL 2017 Tier I is scheduled to be conducted from 19th June onward. Well, its approximately 4 months for the Tier I examination. We have been flooded with the mails regarding the preparation for both and what could be the best choice between them. Well, this article will help you with a lot of clarifications, but in the end, you will have to decide.

If we talk about the Monetary Benefits, then we can say that there is hardly any major difference. One being a Public Sector job and other being Central Government job, both of these have some invisible perks which is in addition to the Salary they receive.

In terms of Growth Opportunities, SBI PO will have an upper edge. Joining as a Probationary Officer, you can reach the Top Level management after regular promotions. But in SSC, the growth is slow and you will not have a chance to reach the highest level which is possible in case of PO. For example if you become a sub inspector, the highest rank you can get is that of an additional superintendent of police.

A government sector job is popular for less work pressure. But friends, when our prime minister is working for the less cash society, then Bankers have quite an important role to play. So it is obvious that they have some additional workload. But this does not means that SSC jobs have less workload. So this cannot be a reason to select any job.

Job as a Bank PO will give you more exposure and more opportunities whereas in SSC, the exposure will be minimal and the job is monotonous in nature. Apart from these, if we talk about the Job Security, then SSC will win as Bank is Public Sector in nature and the Government share is more. Although you will not see any major security threat in upcoming years as Banking industry is growing at its best.

Both the jobs will give you a Prominent Social Status. From Personality to the Attitude, everything seems refined once you join the Government sector jobs. And yes, both the jobs will give you opportunity to explore INDIA. In the form of transfers, you can visit various places and learn a lot about the core of our country.

It might be possible that you may have heard some rumours or we can say opinions where people might be criticizing the Banking jobs. Well let me state a fact that "No one is happy with their Job, until unless you enjoy doing what you do". Its a bitter truth but the real one. So just by hearing some things from someone, don't make opinions. Test on your own and then go for a decision. Before I end, I have one more thing to ask. Government is paying you for service and some people states that "Kaam Bahut Hai Banks me" and all. Agar kaam nahi hota toh why would Government be hiring? Think and share in the comments below.


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