Twisted Ones of Quant for SBI PO

Q1. The average monthly expenditure of a family was Rs. 2200 during the first 3 months; Rs. 2250 during the next 4 months and Rs. 3120 during the last 5 months of a year. If the total savings during the year were Rs. 1260, then the average monthly income was:   
(a) Rs. 2605
(b) Rs. 2805
(c) Rs. 2705
(d) Rs. 2905 
(e) Rs. 2995

Q2. A man fell in love with a woman who lived 63 miles away. He decided to propose his beloved and invited her to travel to his place and offered to meet her en route and bring her home. The man is able to cover 4 miles per hour to the woman’s 3 miles per hour. How far will each have travelled upon meetings?  
(a) Man = 27 miles; woman = 36 miles 
(b) Man = 36 miles; woman = 27 miles 
(c) Man = 40 miles; woman = 23 miles 
(d) Man = 45 miles; woman = 18 miles 
(e) Man = 40 miles; woman = 18 miles 

Q3. Between two stations, the first, second and third class fares are in the ratio 9 : 7 : 2. The number of passengers travelling in a day are in the ratio 5 : 3 : 2, respectively, in the above classes. If the sale of tickets generated revenue of Rs. 98,000 that day and if 200 passengers travelled by third class, what was the fare for a first class ticket? 
(a) Rs. 84
(b) Rs. 92
(c) Rs. 106
(d) Rs. 126
(e) Rs. 116

Directions (4-6): Answer the questions based on the following information.
Alphonso, on his death bed, keeps half his property for his wife and divides the rest equally his three sons; Ben, Carl and Dave. Some years later, Ben dies leaving half his property to his widow and half to his brothers Carl and Dave together, sharing equally. When Carl makes his will, he keeps half his property for his widow the rest he bequeaths to his younger brother Dave. When Dave dies some years later, he keeps half his property for his widow and the remaining for his mother. The mother now has Rs. 15,75,000.

Q4. What was the worth of the total property? 
(a) Rs. 30 lakhs 
(b) Rs. 8 lakhs 
(c) Rs. 18 lakhs 
(d) Rs. 24 lakhs 
(e) Rs. 25 lakhs

Q5. What was Carl’s original share? 
(a) Rs. 4 lakhs 
(b) Rs. 12 lakhs 
(c) Rs. 6 lakhs 
(d) Rs. 5 lakhs 
(e) Rs. 2 lakhs 

Q6. What was the ratio of the property owned by the widows of the three sons in the end?  
(a) 7 : 9 : 13
(b) 8 : 10 : 15
(c) 5 : 7 : 9
(d) 9 : 12 : 13 
(e) 8 : 9 : 13

Q7. Two partners invested Rs. 1250 and Rs. 850 respectively in a business. Both the partners shared 60% of the profit and distributed the rest 40% as the interest on their capital. If one partner received Rs. 30 more than the other, then the total profit is:  
(a) Rs. 262.50
(b) Rs. 622.50
(c) Rs. 220.50
(d) Rs. 226.50 
(e) Rs. 522.25

Directions (8-9): Answer the questions based on the following information. 
A watch dealer incurs an expense of Rs. 150 for producing every watch. He also incurs an additional expenditure of Rs. 30,000 that is independent of the number of watches produced. If he is able to sell a watch during the season, he sells it for Rs. 250. If he fails to do so, he has to sell each watch for Rs. 100. 
Q8. If he is able to sell only 1200 out of 1500 watches he has made in the season, then he has made a profit of: 
(a) Rs. 90,000
(b) Rs. 75,000
(c) Rs. 45,000
(d) Rs. 60,000 
(e) Rs. 50,000 

Q9. If he produces 1500 watches, what is number of watches that he must sell during the season in order to breakeven, given that he is able to sell all the watches produced?   
(a) 500
(b) 700
(c) 800
(d) 1000 
(e) 550

Q10. Robin, the cook, can cut either 120 carrots or 72 potatoes or 60 beetroots in t mins. One day, during the first K mins, he spent an equal amount of time cutting each of three types of vegetables. However, in the next K mins, he cut exactly n carrots, n beetroots and n potatoes. If he cut a total of 282 vegetables during the first 2K mins on that day, what is value of n?  
(a) 225
(b) 72
(c) 45
(d) 135 
(e) 155

Q11. A team of 30 men is supposed to do a work in 38 days. After 25 days, 5 more men were employed the work was finished one day earlier. How many would it have been delayed if 5 more men were not employed? 
(a) 1 day 
(b) 4 days 
(c) 3 days 
(d) 5 days 
(e) 6 days

Q12. Three pipes A, B and C are connected to a tank. These pipes can fill the tank separately is 5 hrs, 10 hrs and 15 hrs, respectively. When all the three pipes were opened simultaneously, it was observed that pipes A and B were supplying water at three-fourths of their normal rates for the 1st hrs after which they supplied water at the normal rate. Pipe C supplied water at two-thirds of its normal rate for first 2 hrs, after which it supplied at its normal rate. In how much time, tank would be filled?  
(a) 1.05 hrs 
(b) 2.05 hrs 
(c) 3.05 hrs 
(d) 4.05 hrs
(e) 2.55 hrs 

Q13. A pump can be used to either fill or drain a tank. The capacity of the tank is 3600 m3. The draining capacity of the pump is 10 m3/minute higher than its filling capacity. What is the draining capacity of the pump if it takes 12 minutes more to fill the tank than to drain it?  
(a) 50 m3/minute  
(b) 60 m3/minute
(c) 45 m3/minute
(d) 90 m3/minute
(e) 95 m3/minute

Q14. Two trains A and B, 100 m long are moving on parallel tracks at speeds of 20 m/s and 30 m/s respectively. They are travelling in opposite direction. 
The driver of train A sees the driver of train B when he is closest to high. He throws a ball at a speed of 2 m/s which hits the tail of train B. What is the distance between the two trains? 
(a) 0 m 
(b) 10 m 
(c) 4 m 
(d) 8 m 
(e) 5 m

Q15. The cost of fencing a circular plot at the rate of Rs. 15 per metre is Rs. 3,300. What will be the cost of flooring the plot at the rate of Rs. 100 per square metre?
(a) Rs. 3,85,000
(b) Rs. 2,20,000
(c) Rs. 3,50,000
(d) Cannot be determined
(e) None of these


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