How to Prepare for SSC CGL While Working

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"Dear Students, If you can dream it, You can do it." Many of you keep asking 'if it is possible to Prepare for SSC CGL exam while working in a bank or any other job"
Yes, We believe it is very much possible to qualify SSC CGL examination while working. But the important thing is how you utilize your time in the morning, while in office and after the office in the evening. One thing that stands out for working professionals is the Time Management on weekdays and on weekends. Studying for competitive exams is surely difficult for all working people. For a working person, he has to balance between the job and Exam preparation.

Today, In this article we will discuss "How to prepare for SSC CGL while working"
No one can answer this question better than you. Stay Curious and be the force that will translate your ambition into success. You just have to make up your mind and Be confident. It all depends on how much time you can give to your study consistently. Initially, with this idea in mind, you must have a proper planning to execute your plan. Try to manage your time and give at least four hours daily to your study. Now the question comes how you manage to get four hours from this busy schedule.

Read these following tips and Achieve the difficult task-
➤Morning time: Divine time for Studies
Morning Time is the best time for studies, so you should try to get up at 5.30 in the morning and study for 2 hours. Initially, it would be difficult to rise but think of your aim and goal. Make a habit of rising early. After office, You can manage to get 2 hours in the late evening for studies. Generall, the people come from office at 8.00pm. So you have 2 hours from 9.30 to 11.30 pm for study. Just make a habit that you will not sleep without studying 2 hours and you will rise early in the morning so that you can give 2 hours easily to your study.

Check your knowledge/Aptitude
Analyze yourself by giving mocks. If you have already prepared for CGL once or you have a certain level of knowledge and you just need to work on your weak areas/do revision then you can think of doing it with a full-time job.

➤The Current Job Nature
Every job is different and has its own share of challenges. So, if you have relaxed/flexible work environment, then you can get some time in lunch time or in between your project. You can always download the ADDA247 App and solve quiz while sitting in the office. In total 30min. you can solve 3 different quizzes of different topics. You can easily utilize traveling time for English portion. In this time you can learn one-word substitution, idiom phrase. Make it your habit.

➤ Weekends: The gift
Now on weekend days try to study 9 hours per day. So in a whole week, you manage to give 42 hours (24 on weekdays and 18 on weekend days). On an average 6 hours per day which are sufficient to crack the exam.

➤Subject to focus on Smartly
Since You are a working professional, it is important to figure out the most scoring subjects, and these important topics will help in getting maximum output with less effort.
For Quant- the Top 4 topics, Mensuration, Trigonometry, Geometry, Algebra. Other topics like -Profit/Loss, CI/SI, time/work should be second in priority & every other topic third. Shortcuts will save your important 10 mins in the exam. Every chapter has some famous/frequently repeated questions. Learn Tricks & Shortcuts for only those.

➤English Phenomenon 
The first important thing you should know is that Reading The Hindu Newspaper daily or any other standard newspaper can develop your overall understanding of the Language and grammar. And with the help of Wren and Martin, You can complete your grammar rules and tricks
You will have enough time to prepare for Narration and Voice after Tier -1. So prepare only selected topics in Tier-1. Grammar must be the first preference. Vocabulary should be studied, On the Go. Like during lunch, riding bus etc. Any free time is Vocabulary time. ADDA247 app will help you tremendously in your "on the go" studies. Don't waste your time on Antonyms & Synonyms. Just read "the Hindu newspaper" and note down or save all the words in your mobile dictionary. Merriam-Webster is such a Dictionary that enables you to create your own vocab list. 
No extra time for Reasoning except, Analogy, Series, and Dice questions. Prepare this section during practice sets.

➤ Classroom Study
We advise you to join the weekend or early morning batch for SSC Exam Coaching. When you join an institute, you are able to make the most of the limited time you have. By joining a good institute, you are benefited in many ways. The institute provides you with: A systematic study schedule, Teachers for concept building & doubt clearing, Knowledge of shortcuts & tricks, Regular test series and most importantly Competitive environment which plays the crucial role in shaping your preparation. 

➤Positive Approach 
Always be optimistic that you can make it possible while working. Whenever you feel tired or burden just focus your mind on your aim. You can relax once you achieve your target.
Now many students think that coaching is necessary for SSC Exam. No this is not the case just do the self-studies. and clears your doubts with notes or quizzes available on our website and We are providing notes on every topic and also give short trick for quant. So students start your preparation with full energy and confidence. You can definitely qualify the SSC exam. Do not waste even a single second. Use this time to achieve your goal. At SSC ADDA, we have provided all the important study material, articles on how to approach all the topics of SSC CGL.. we update new quizzes on our blog and on our Adda247 App

We wish you all the very best. Stay tuned for more article. 

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