Quant New Pattern Questions for SBI PO

As we all know SBI PO is here and we are ready with the 80 days plan in which we provide you daily quizzes on new pattern questions with different topics that will help you to go through this exam.
So, here we are with the Most important questions of Simple and Compound Interest.

SI and CI questions

Q1. A sum of amount at r% compound interest doubles in 3 years. In 9 years it will be k times of the original principal. What is the value of k? 
(a) 10 
(b) 9 
(c) 6 
(d) 8 
(e) None of these

Q2. If the rate of interest is 10% p.a. and Rs. 12000 lent at the compound interest, half yearly. What is the equivalent simple rate of interest for first year? 
(a) 10.25% 
(b) 9.24% 
(c) 6.26%
(d) 8.42%
(e) None of these

Q3. CI and SI for a certain sum at certain rate of interest are Rs. 220 and Rs. 200. What is the principal for these interest?
(a) Rs. 2200
(b) Rs. 200 
(c) Rs. 500
(d) Rs. 2000 
(e) None of these

Q4. A sum is being lent at 20%  p.a. compound interest. What is the ratio of increase in amount of 4th year to 5th year? 
(a) 4 : 5 
(b) 5 : 4 
(c) 5 : 6 
(d) can’t be determined 
(e) None of these

Q5. A scooty is sold by an automobile agency for Rs. 19200 cash or for Rs. 4800 cash down payment together with five equal monthly instalments. If the rate of interest charged by the company is 12% per annum find each instalment.
(a) Rs. 2534.60
(b) Rs. 2964.70
(c) Rs. 2436.50
(d) Rs. 2322.30
(e) None of these

Q6. A person takes a loan of Rs. 200 at 5% simple interest. He returns Rs. 100 at the end of one year. In order to clear his dues at the end of 2 years, he would pay: 
(a) 125.50
(b) 110
(c) 115.50
(d) 115
(e) None of these

Q7. The difference between simple and compound interest on Rs. 6000 for 1 year at 20% per annum reckoned half yearly is: 
(a) 120
(b) 60 
(c) 180
(d) 72
(e) None of these

Q8. The simple interest on certain sum at 5% for 9 month is Rs. 10 greater than the simple interest on the same sum @ 3% for 14 months. What is the sum of interest in both the cases (i.e., total sum of interest)? 
(a) Rs. 130
(b) Rs. 290
(c) Rs. 120
(d) Rs. 330
(e) None of these

Q9. The population of vultures in a particular locality is decreases by a certain rate of interest (compounded annually). If the current population of vultures be 29160 and the ratio of decease in population for second year and 3rd year be 10 : 9. What was the population of vultures 3 years ago? 
(a) 30000
(b) 35000
(c) 40000
(d) 50000
(e) None of these

Q10. Mr. Lala Ram has lent some money to Aaju at 6% p.a. and the Baaju at 8% p.a. At the end of the year he has gain the overall interest at 7% per annum. In what ratio has he lent money to Aaju and Baaju? 
(a) 2 : 3
(b) 1 : 1 
(c) 5 : 6 
(d) 4 : 3 
(e) None of these

Q11. Data Ram lends equal sum of money at the same rate of interest to A and B. The money lends to A becomes twice of the original amount in just four years at simple interest. While Data Ram lends to B for the first two years at compound interest and for the rest two years at simple interest. If the difference between the amount of A and B after 4 years is Rs. 2750. What is the amount of money that Data Ram lends to each one? 
(a) Rs. 40000
(b) Rs. 6000
(c) Rs. 8000
(d) Rs. 80000
(e) None of these

Q12. Satyam took loan from IDIDI Bank for his 2 years course of MBA at IMD. He took the loan of Rs. 6 lakh such that he would be charged at 8% per annum at CI during his course and at 10% CI after the completion of course. He returned half of the amount which he had to be paid on the completion of his studies and remaining after 2 years. What is the total amount returned by Satyam? 
(a) Rs. 7.733232 lakh 
(b) Rs. 7.58 lakh  
(c) Rs. 7.336 lakh 
(d) Rs. 7 lakh
(e) None of these

Q13. HariLal and Hari Prasad have equal amounts. HariLal invested all his amount at 10%  compounded annually for 2 years and Hari Prasad invested 1/4 at 10% compound interest (annually) and rest at r% per annum at simple interest for the same 2 years period. The amount received by both at the end of 2 year is same. What is the value of r? 
(a) 14%
(b) 12.5% 
(c) 10.5% 
(d) 11%
(e) None of these

Q14. HDFC lends 1 million to HUDCO at 10% simple interest p.a. for 2 years and HUDCO lends the same amount to SAHARA STATES HOUSING corporation at 10% p.a. of compound interest for 3 years. What is the earning of HUDCO in this way? 
(a) Rs. 133100
(b) Rs. 33100  
(c) Rs. 131000 
(d) No earning
(e) None of these

Q15. Sanjay purchased a hotel worth Rs. 10 lakh and barkha purchased a car worth Rs. 16 lakh. The value of hotel every year increases by 20% of the previous value and the value of car every year depreciates by 25%. What is the difference between the price of hotel and car after 3 years? 
(a) Rs. 925000
(b) Rs. 10,53,000
(c) remains constant 
(d) can’t be determined 
(e) None of these

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