SBI PO 2017 Strategy for 30 Days

SBI PO 2017 Strategy of 30 Days

Banking Recruitment Examination has changed drastically with some major changes in type and pattern started by SBI in it’s PO level exam and then taken up by IBPS in both PO and Clerical Level exams. This brings up a question for all those students who will be appearing for SBI PO 2017 Examination is "Is it going to be the new pattern questions or the old pattern will be repeated?" The answer to this question can only be answered by SBI and that too on the 29th April.
This article is the composition of various strategies that can be followed by students in order to achieve their dream. The strategies of two students can never be same as both of them have different attributes. The strategies we have been providing is something that will help you outline your weaknesses and strengths.

For Quant:
You should learn tables till 20, so that you don’t kill your valuable time struck in multiplication and division. And this will help you a lot throughout the whole quant section.

Number series, Simplification & Approximation and Quadratic Equation/Inequality are generally of moderate level. Yes, students, you need to keep hawk’s eye on questions from these topics can give. And you’ll certainly need good calculation to save your time. These topics can be your life saver if you attempt them at first with 100% accuracy.

Then your approach should be to target questions of Data Interpretation. In each set of a DI there will be 5 questions among which 2-3 will be of easy to moderate level. And as we’ve seen in previous years in Mains there can be 2-3 DI sets in Quant section. With good practice you can easily score in Data Interpretation too. And while practicing, do practice with all different types of DI that can asked; as DI can be in the form of Bar Graph, Pie Chart, Table Graph, Cumulative Bar Graph, Radar Graph and Caselet. Remember do not get struck if you find a particular question too lengthy, you necessarily do not have to attempt all the questions in a set of DI. Attempt first those question you find relatively easy and not so lengthy.

After you are done with DI you can now focus on Language Problem. In Language Problems or Miscellaneous part the topics are Percentage, Average, Ratio and Proportion, Partnership, Time & Work and Work & Wages, Pipes and Cisterns, Allegation or Mixtures, Simple Interest, Compound Interest, Permutation and Combination, Probability, Mensuration and Data Sufficiency. The only strategy to tackle language problems is to go for those questions first you feel you are comfortable with. If you are good at Probability choose a question of probability first, and likewise go on.  For getting a good command over these topics you need good understanding of concepts and good speed of solving these questions which comes with nothing but practice. You can attempt Daily quizzes on Bankersadda and practice as many questions you want so that you can speed up your calculation. You can also attempt Daily Quizzes within a limited time frame on Adda247 app which will help you to increase your number of attempts as well as accuracy.

For Reasoning:

Reasoning ability in SBI is the section which has the power to make you through the river or drown you.
A good hold on how to attempt the section will come with timely and regular practice of different types of questions. This section is also a test of the ability of a candidate to apply his mind quickly and aptitude of spotting the angle and difficulty level of a question. 

Reasoning questions can be tricky and require lot of practice to score well. As we have seen in the recent examination and also in SBI exams 2016 that this section mostly consist of Puzzles. Now the question is how to choose the puzzle which can easily be solved by you. Choose the puzzle first which you are comfortable with. It can be Circular Arrangement, Linear arrangement, floor based puzzle, tabular puzzle with two or three or even four variables, puzzles combined with blood relation or Direction sense, Square/Rectangle sitting arrangement. It is important not to get stuck on puzzle or seating arrangement questions for too long. 

Some of the other focus areas to do well in this section are syllogism, blood relation questions, coding-decoding, input-output, inequalities, direction test, alpha numeric series and Logical reasoning.

The question setter always tries to put something new in reasoning questions. You can practice new pattern Reasoning quizzes on Bankersadda and Adda247 app as well.
So mould yourself in such a way that if you see any new type of question in the exam, you don’t get panic but instead you stay calm and give your 100% to solve the question.

For English

English section of the SBI PO exam has evolved so much that its question pattern and level have transformed from the conventional to a more challenging approach.
In SBI PO Prelims this section will have 30 questions which can fetch you maximum 30 marks and there will be negative marking of 0.25 for each wrong answer. Here comes a need for Strategy

Firstly, you should choose to attempt questions of Cloze Test, Antonym/Synonym, Spellings and Fill in the blanks as they are relatively easier and far less time consuming than other topics. Be careful as there is negative marking, do not take chances in the examination as even 1 mark can make or break your dream.

Then you can go for Sentence Improvement, Jumbled paragraph and Compound sentences. They can be tricky as we’ve seen in SBI PO and IBPS PO examination, there were some major changes, so practice well and be prepared for the unexpected. The key is not to lose your calm and concentration. There are certain methods and tricks for these topics and by practicing well, you can easily get through these questions as well.

Then you’ll be left with Reading Comprehension. There are certain types of Reading Comprehension like on Story based, Economy based, Social cause or Specific Topic based. It is advisable that as you have around a week left, you should practice at least 2 of each type. The trick for Reading Comprehension can be to at first quickly read the questions and then accordingly go through the passage, this can save your time. Yes, this step is very important, and while reading the questions do note down important points or keywords that you have to search in the passage. Remember it’s better to leave those questions that you find too much time consuming, be careful with your choices. Around 10 questions will be asked from a Reading Comprehension and 5-6 questions can be of easy to moderate level. Choose wisely and don’t be tempted to take chances while attempting questions from Reading Comprehension as accuracy matters a lot.


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