New Pattern English Questions for SBI PO 2017


Dear Students, SBI PO exam will be a challenge given the difficulty level of English Section. SBI introduced New Pattern English Question based on the CAT exam last year this year we can expect more new type of questions, So we are providing new pattern quizzes that will help you understand the new pattern.

Directions (1-5): In each of the following questions, a capitalized pair of words is given followed by four numbered pairs of words. Select from choices the pair which exhibits the same relationship as the capitalized pair of words and mark its number as your answer.

(a) menagerie : animals
(b) field : grass
(c) botany : herbs
(d) grotesque : jokes
(e) None of these

(a) blood : heart
(b) pen : tool
(c) sorcery : spirits
(d) novel : prose
(e) None of these

(a) sequence : energy
(b) color : voltage
(c) time : work
(d) revolution : illumination
(e) None of these

(a) whiskey : corn
(b) bourbon : hops
(c) bread : yeast
(d) vodka : grapes
(e) None of these

(a) fetish : aversion
(b) bias : disinterested
(c) noisome : fetid
(d) predisposition : fairness
(e) None of these

Directions (6-15): In each question, there are four sentences. Each sentence has pairs of words/phrases that are italicized and highlighted. From the italicized and highlighted word(s)/phrase(s), select the most appropriate word(s)/phrase(s) to form correct sentences. Then choose the best option.

Q6. (i) I have kept the book besides [A]/beside [B] your bag on the table.
(ii) You can attempt 10 questions from among [A]/between [B] 30 questions.
(iii) It was so hot in the sun that they moved into the shadow [A]/shade [B].
(iv) Although [A]/Despite [B] his having known her for years, he behaved like a stranger.
(a) ABAB
(b) ABBA
(c) BAAA
(d) BABB
(e) AAAA

Q7. (i) The announcement said that the chief quest would be arriving presently [A]/currently [B].
(ii) After the recession employment rates are on the rise [A]/raise [B] again.
(iii) The professor could not explain the topic fully because of the continuous [A]/continual [B] interruptions.
(iv) I was not able to wear the trousers because they were creased [A]/crinkled. [B]
(a) AABA
(b) BBBA
(c) AABB
(d) BBAB
(e) BBBB

Q8. (i) I was not able to answer the interviewer’s question about who discovered [A]/invented [B] the computer.
(ii) He got his car’s breaks [A]/brakes [B] repaired before the long drive.
(iii) As long as [A]/As far as [B] she is concerned, she will not say anything against you.
(iv) Timely advice from his friend saved him as he was about to tangle [A]/dangle [B] himself up in legal problems.
(a) ABAB
(b) BBBA
(c) BABB
(d) BAAB
(e) AAAA

Q9. (i) We gathered in front of the school to welcome the new principle [A]/principal [B]
(ii) New Delhi is the capitol [A]/capital [B] of India.
(iii) The situation is currently [A]/presently [B] under control.
(iv) On the way I have to stop for a while to telephone [A]/ for telephoning [B] my brother.
(a) BBAA
(b) BBBA
(c) ABAB
(d) BBAB
(e) BBBB

Q10. (i) He did not say [A]/tell [B] us anything about his affair.
(ii) The project would not have been completed in time but for his timely and valueless [A]/invaluable [B] contribution.
(iii) My friend is very sensible [A]/sensitive [B]; he listens to all my problems and tried to comfort me.
(iv) My dad assured [A]/ensured [B] me that everything will turn out to be right in the end.
(a) BAAA
(b) BBBA
(c) ABAB
(d) AAAB
(e) AAAA

Q11. (i) In little over a month the campaign has more than acceded [A]/exceeded [B] expectations with 5000 tickets already sold for the show.
(ii) The students have free excess [A]/access [B] to the entire material in the library.
(iii) The elusion [A]/allusion [B] to corruption in the ministry landed the journalist in trouble with the officials.
(iv) Are the children all ready [A]/already [B] to go to the park?
(a) AAAA
(b) ABAA
(c) BBBA
(d) BABA
(e) BBBB

Q12. (i) I find that there is all together [A]/altogether [B] too much violence in these films.
(ii) Is there anyway [A]/any way [B] we can get a film star to preside over the function?
(iii) The success of the event was entirely causal [A]/casual [B] as we had planned every minute details of it.
(iv) The police have ceased [A]/seized [B] a large number of arms from the militants.
(a) ABBA
(b) BBBA
(c) ABAB
(d) ABBB
(e) AAAA

Q13. (i) In a few years, she became his trusted confident [A]/confidant [B]
(ii) We were required to make a custom [A]/costume [B] design for the online shop.
(iii) He was declared illegible [A]/eligible [B] for the post in spite of not having enough work experience.
(iv) Several eminent [A]/imminent [B] scientists are expected to be present for the seminar.
(a) ABAB
(b) ABBA
(c) BABA
(d) BAAB
(e) BBBB

Q14. (i) For long he has been talking about his plans to emigrate [A]/immigrate [B] to Canada.
(ii) The way he plays the guitar is an aural [A]/oral [B] treat.
(iii) The advertisement mentioned several vacancies in the personnel [A]/personal [B] department.
(iv) The police found it very difficult to control the restive [A]/restless [B] crowd.
(a) ABAB
(b) AAAA
(c) BABB
(d) BBBB
(e) BAAA

Q15. (i) The student approached the teacher to seek council [A]/counsel [B] about her career plans.
(ii) I had to change a few principal [A]/principle [B] parts of the engine to make it work again.
(iii) She was jealous [A]/zealous [B] in her pursuit to get into one of the IIMs.
(iv) His judicious [A]/judicial [B] decisions about his investments have made him wealthy.
(a) AAAB
(b) ABAB
(c) BABA
(d) BBAB
(e) AAAA


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