SBI PO Online Test Series: How To Improve Your Score

Are you just practising or preparing for real for SBI PO Exam? It’s been almost a month since the notification was released and have you tracked or analysed your performance so far?
Score more in SBI PO Exam

With time slipping away as grains of sand, very soon it will be the day of final face off with SBI PO Recruitment, and before that, you now have just around a month to sharpen your blades and have a full proof preparation to crack SBI Exam and reify your dream of becoming a Probationary Officer in by successfully getting through the most sought after banking recruitment. But remember there are not just a few thousands fighting for those 2300 seats, rather there are lakhs and lakhs of competitors in the race for that 1 seat you aim at from those 2300 of SBI Recruitment 2017. This calls for a clever approach that you need, i.e. not just practice questions and understand concepts but do a real time practice by testing yourself and more than that is important ‘the analysis of test’.

Yes, you are practising questions of quant, reasoning and English; all sorts of the conventional and new pattern but have you tracked your progress so far? At the end on the day of exam it will not matter if you are a master at solving puzzles and seating arrangement unless you find a holistic approach to do reasonably well in all three sections of prelims. And this can certainly not happen overnight, if you are not testing yourself now then can lag behind in many aspects and more than test it is important to analyse your score and approach for the paper to be on the upper edge among your competitors.

Many students ask that they feel their progress is stagnant, they feel that they have learned almost every important concept for questions asked in bank exam but they aren’t able to score well, why is that so? The answer to all such questions is ‘analysis of test’ and then improvising. Yes! That is it, a self-analysis exercise after each test will help you in a long run and you’ll see progress for yourself. You can choose to avail Career Power test series for a complete preparation of time and topic management of SBI PO Exam, but to score confidently good marks you have to compare your score and progress. In Career Power test you will complete solution and your All India Rank; analyse if there can be a better solution from the way you solved or approached a question and your progress in rank. 

These are some essential factors or points you should take care of after every test you take:

Compare your score with the difficulty level

If you have scored 56 in a test don’t just settle for it. Your curiosity and efforts to analyse why weren’t you able to score more, could there have been a better way to approach the questions to score more in stipulated time; all this will help you improve subsequently. With Career Power test series you will get your All India Rank and see where you stand among your competition.

Analyse the method and approach for questions

There can be more than one way to approach many questions, with detailed solutions provided in every Career Power Test you don’t have to wander to obtain solutions. Read and analyse after every test you take if there is another method through which you can save time.

Give a second thought, at what to attempt and what to leave

As you have already taken the test you’ve gone with the first thought process already of choosing to attempt certain questions of the test. Now after the test, give a second thought to everything. Skim through the paper and devise a strategy, could you scored more if you would have skipped certain question instead of attempting them, or did you unintentionally skipped an easier and scoring alternative! All this will help you in further tests for time and topic management.

Track your progress after each test

This is a very important step, a mirror to your preparation and strategy for SBI. Track your score with every test you take. Test yourself weekly to stay consistent, and plot a weekly progress tracker.

What you choose today will reflect upon your future. So, do make the most out of every opportunity you get. It’s time for some Real Practice.


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