Frequently asked questions of Static Awareness in Bank Exams


Just a few days are left for SBI PO and NIACL Assistant Examination. It is time to pace up your preparation for SBI PO Prelims and NIACL Assistant Prelims 2017. These Static questions will also help you in preparing for BOB PO and NICL AO 2017 recruitment examination.

So here we are with the most important questions of Static Awareness for SBI PO 2017.

Q1. In which state is the Maikal range situated?  
(a) Uttar Pradesh 
(b) Rajasthan 
(c) Bihar 
(d) Chhattisgarh
(e) Haryana

Q2. What is the name of the writer of Indian origin whose novel, The Inheritance of Loss has bagged Man Booker Prize?
(a) Vikram Seth
(b) Kiran Desai
(c) Salman Rushdie
(d) V. S. Naipaul
(e) Tony Kusher

Q3. Earth Summit (Save Earth) was sponsored by  
(b) UNCED 
(c) WHO 
(e) None of these

Q4. Who among the following is a non-Indian who was conferred “Bharat Ratna”? 
(a) Mother Teresa 
(b) Sheikh Mujibur Rehman 
(c) Nelson Mandela 
(d) Lord Mountbatten
(e) Aruna Asaf Ali

Q5. Who is the author of Ageless Body, Timeless Mind?
(a) V. S. Naipaul
(b) Deepak Chopra
(c) Dom Moraes
(d) Tony Kusher
(e) Tom Kerry

Q6. Nallamala hills are located in the state of  
(a) Orissa 
(b) Meghalaya 
(c) Andhra Pradesh 
(d) Gujarat 
(e) Maharashtra

Q7. December 1 is celebrated as: 
(a) Indian Navy Day 
(b) UNICEF Day 
(c) World AIDS Day 
(d) Children’s Day
(e) Youth day

Q8. The ‘Global 500’ awards are given for outstanding achievement in which one of the following fields? 
(a) Literature 
(b) Medicine 
(c) Music
(d) Promotion of International Peace 
(e) Environmental Protection 

Q9. Who painted the master piece “Hamsa Damayanti”?  
(a) Anjolie Ela Menon 
(b) Abanindranath Tagore 
(c) Amrita Shergill 
(d) Raja Ravi Varma 
(e) Rabindra Nath Tagore

Q10. What is the full form of NATO?  
(a) North African Treaty Organisation 
(b) North Atlantic Treaty Organisation 
(c) North Asian Treaty Organisation  
(d) North American Treaty Organisation 
(e) None of these

Q11. International Women’s Day is observed on:    
(a) 8th March 
(b) 3rd March 
(c) 27th January 
(d) 15th October
(e) 23rd July

Q12. Which India newspaper has the largest readership?  
(a) The Dainik Jagran 
(b) Indian Express 
(c) The Malayala Manorama 
(d) The Hindu 
(e) Hindustan

Q13. Jamini Roy distinguished himself in the flied of  
(a) Badminton 
(b) Painting 
(c) Theatre 
(d) Sculpture 
(e) Musician

Q14. The famous activist Medha Patakar is associated with which movement?  
(a) Beti Padao Andolan 
(b) Chipku Movement
(c) Preserve the wet lands 
(d) Save the Tiger 
(e) Narmda Bachao Andolan 

Q15. The United Nations officially came into existence on 
(a) January 1, 1972 
(b) October 3, 1944 
(c) October 24, 1945 
(d) June 26, 1945 
(e) July 12, 1948

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