Frequently asked questions of Static Awareness in Bank Exams


Just a few days are left for SBI PO and NIACL Assistant Examination. It is time to pace up your preparation for SBI PO Prelims and NIACL Assistant Prelims 2017. These Static questions will also help you in preparing for BOB PO and NICL AO 2017 recruitment examination.

So here we are with the most important questions of Static Awareness for SBI PO 2017.

Q1. Who is the governor of Himachal Pradesh? 
(a) Padmanabha Balakrishna Acharya
(b) Acharya Dev Vrat
(c) Chennamaneni Vidyasagar Rao
(d) N. N. Vohra
(e) Vajubhai Vala

Q2. Who is current Steel Minister in Narendra Modi government? 
(a) Narendra Singh Tomar
(b) Kalraj Mishra
(c) Harsimrat Kaur Badal
(d) Prakash Javadekar
(e) Chaudhary Birender Singh

Q3. Capital of Uganda is? 
(a) Tehran
(b) Tashkent
(c) Canberra
(d) Kampala
(e) Tunis

Q4. Eturnagaram Wildlife Sanctuary is situated in which of the following Indian state? 
(a) Karnataka
(b) Kerala
(c) Telangana
(d) Assam
(e) Meghalaya

Q5. World Population Day is observed on which of the following date? 
(a) June 10
(b) June 22
(c) July 19
(d) June 26
(e) July 11

Q6. Which of the following country is not a member of ADB? 
(a) Tonga
(b) Albania
(c) Uzbekistan
(d) Vanuatu
(e) Maldives

Q7. Severiano Ballesteros is related to which of the following sports?
(a) Tennis
(b) Chess
(c) Shooting
(d) Golf
(e) Archery

Q8. Who is present President of Uganda?
(a) General Raul Modesto Castro Ruz
(b) Reuven Rivlin
(c) Heinz Fischer
(d) Yoweri Museveni
(e) Juan Manuel Santos

Q9. Vaitarna Dam is in which of the following state? 
(a) Madhya Pradesh
(b) Tamil Nadu
(c) Kerala
(d) Maharashtra
(e) Karnataka

Q10. Headquarter of Indian Ocean Commission is in which of the following city? 
(a) Port Louis, Mauritius
(b) Lima, Peru
(c) Athens, Greece
(d) The Hague, Netherlands
(e) Budapest, Hungary

Q11.What is the Currency of Morocco? 
(a) Maluti
(b) Franc
(c) Dirham
(d) Ruble
(e) Lilangeni

Q12. Palamau Tiger Reserve is situated in which of the following Indian state? 
(a) Karnataka
(b) Assam
(c) Gujarat
(d) Meghalaya
(e) Jharkhand

Q13. Yakshagana dance is the folk dance of which of the following state?
(a) Odisha
(b) Andhra Pradesh
(c) Karnataka
(d) Gujarat
(e) Himmachal Pradesh

Q14. Koyna Dam is in which of the following state? 
(a) Karnataka
(b) West Bengal
(c) Madhya Pradesh
(d) Maharashtra
(e) Uttarakhand

Q15. Who is the Chief Minister of Maharashtra? 
(a) Shivraj Singh Chouhan
(b) Vijaybhai R. Rupani
(c) Okram Ibobi Singh
(d) Devendra Fadnavis
(e) Pinarayi Vijayanh


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