From a milkman to a banker: Rajesh Kurmi (Bank Clerk : Bank of Baroda)- 61

Hi friends,

 Bankers Adda Success Story

First of all, my English is not good so excuse me. My story is very different from your stories. I am from Bihar and live in a village where we have to fight for everything - drinking water is a problem, electricity is a problem, mobile network is a problem. And government does not care.

In my family, there are four members - me, my father, my mother and my Dadi. My father does not do anything. He used to do agriculture but now a days there is no water for irrigation so not much to do. I am the earning member of my family. We have three buffalos and I sell the milk of these buffalos in nearby town Aurangabad. Daily I go there in the morning and evening to deliver milk at 10-12 households. It is about 14 KMs from my place which I travel by my cycle.

I starting preparing for government job since I found this is the only way how you can do something good in life. I can not go anywhere since I have family here and I earn also. So though of giving bank exams. I used to go aurangabad and buy magazines and books from there and then do my studies during the day.

I want to mention that bankersadda has played the biggest role in my success. One day when I went to deliver milk to one home and I was carrying previous year banking papers book in my hand, aunty asked me - " Bank po ki taiyari kar raho kya?" I said " Maine shuru hi ki hai. Mujhe jyada kuch pata nahi hai. Mera nahi hoga". That lady told me that I should visit bankers adda website. I can get all info from there. She told me even her daughter is a bank clerk in Dena bank. I heard name of this bankers adda website for the first time. In fact she gave me a second hand mobile phone also. Free of cost :)

She opened the website and showed me many important things. I found it useful. At that time, internet was working in mobile from their wi-fi. I came back home happily. But could not open internet at home. it was a problem. Then, everyday i will sit outside this home for 1-2 hours to access banker adda and make notes (using their wifi). One day I realised that I can down app of bankersadda. So, I downloaded Adda247 app. Life became very easy from that day. As, when I used to come to deliver that milk on that home, i used to download all quizzes and reading material in my mobile and then I could it is at home without internet. Later on i took sim card of reliance also. But it will also work in Aurangabad only.

Bankers adda helped me a lot.. in fact 80-90% of the time i read from Adda 247 app only.  friends, bankersadda has not given me any money to write this but when i got selected in IBPS, i felt very very thankful to bankersadda and i though i will donate some money to bankersadda from my salary.

My mother and dadi are still not believing that I have become a banker now. My mother cried the whole day when I told her about my selection. Some people from newspapers have also come in last 2-3 days to our village to talk to me. I am feeling that it is a rebirth for me.

Thank you reading this. Will meet some of you in bank of baroda. Thank you bankersadda.

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