"If you don't realize your strengths, you will always settle for less": RAM PRASAD S R ( Canara Bank PO ) - 132


Bankers Adda Success Story

I've read many success stories on BA and got inspired. I'm really glad that now I'm writing mine. So it all started in the year 2015, after completing my graduation (B.com), I had my goal set. It's been a hell of a ride and now it feels really good, finally I reached my destination ( Canara Bank PO). PO was never in my bucket list when I started writing exams. Because I would have been happier as a banker(any post) in any PSB. 

Though I wrote couple of exams before appearing for ibps clerk 2015, that was my first real exam after putting lots of effort. I was waiting for the results and Ibps came up with the notification that no interviews would be conducted. I waited three months only to realize that I wasn't selected. Then like a saviour SBI released clerical notification. With more vigour I continued my preparation. I made myself clear that I would not make the same mistakes I committed during Ibps clerk. Whenever I came across any sbi branch I would stare at the sbi logo and a rush of blood would pass through my body. I used to imagine myself working in SBI. Again it was a long wait for the results (4 months). After 4 long months they released the results. I was failed again. I was stunned. I couldn't believe so I again and again searched for my roll no. In the list. Then the reality hit me. I was down for few days. Didn't talk to anyone. I lost all my hopes. It's been a year. 

People started questioning my decisions and the most common ones were " You could have gone for a  private job" or why are you depending on your parents . These days getting govt jobs is not easy". I couldn't give answer to any of those questions. Because even I had doubts with myself. However I resumed my preparation. This time I cracked an exam, BOB manipal and was shortlisted for GD and Interview. I was really excited. Everyone came to know that I was shortlisted and many of them thought that interviews were just formality. They said once you pass the exam then you got the job. They weren't aware of the fact that one should also get through the interview and they do not shortlist in the ratio 1:1. BOB was my first interview. This time also I was sure that I would get selected. But Once again I wasn't shortlisted.  That day was the darkest day of my life. I cried. I cried like a baby. May be those worries that I didn't express when I failed in Sbi came rushing back. I lost interest in everything. Then just after one day Ibps PO declared the mains results. I was shocked to see that I was shortlisted for interviews. Because my number of attempts was comparatively less. First I was excited then I reminded myself that it's not  over yet. I concentred on interview preparation. Everything went smoothly. Finally the D-day arrived. On April 1st I was selected as PO in Canara bank. My heart was filled with joy. I have achieved my dream.If I can do it, each one of you can do it. It doesn't matter which category you belong to. It doesn't matter how old you are. It doesn't matter whether you come from economically backward family. If you have a dream and the perseverance to achieve it, you too can taste the success. 
Exams I appeared :-

RRB PO 2015 - didn't clear mains.
IBPS PO 2015-failed in mains.
IBPS clerk - failed in Mains.
SBI clerk - failed in mains.
BOB manipal-couldn't get into the final list.
RRB clerk 2016- failed in prelims :(
Rrb PO 2016 - failed in prelims :(
Ibps clerk - failed in Mains.
Ibps PO 2016-17 - Got Canara Bank PO.

Though in between in this journey the thought of giving up my dream crossed my mind often and I did try for private job only to leave that and resume my chase. It's true that if u don't get what you wish for something better than that is awaiting for you. So those who have been writing exams and newbies don't give up. One day all of your hard work and tough times would pay off. And from that day all your worries would become history.
I would like to thank my mom , my sister and a few other people who stood by me.

All the best.


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