Computer Awareness Questions for NIACL Assistant

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Computer Awareness is an important section in bank recruitment's Mains Examination. Just a few days are left for SBI PO and NIACL Assistant Examination. It is time to pace up your preparation with Computer Questions for SBI PO Mains and NIACL Assistant Mains 2017. These questions will also help you in preparing for NICL AO 2017 recruitment examination.

Computer Awareness Questions for NIACL Assistant and SBI PO

Q1. _________ is a telecommunications network which allows computers to exchange data. 
(a) Computer network 
(b) OCR
(c) JVM
(d) Control Panel
(e) None of the above

Q2. What is referred to as the organisation of data as a blueprint of how the database is constructed?
(a) Primary Key
(b) Candidate Key
(c) Schema 
(d) Tuple
(e) Cardinality

Q3.  What is the low-level programming language for a computer, or other programmable device, in which there is a very strong (generally one-to-one) correspondence between the language and the architecture's machine code instructions called?
(a) Java
(b) Assembly language
(d) SQL
(e) None of the above

Q4. Which of the following is not a hardware component?
(a) Mouse
(b) Printer
(c) Bootstrap Loader
(d) Joy Stick
(e) Optical Storage

Q5. Which of the following is intangible in nature?
(a) Software 
(b) VDU
(c) POS Terminal
(d) CPU
(e) USB Port

Q6. What is ASCII is?
(a) Numbering system for representing numbers with decimals.
(b) Character representation standard common in older mainframe computers.
(c) Encoding standard used to represent letters and characters. 
(d) Symbolic programming language that directly represents machine instructions.
(e) None of the above

Q7. What is a popular program for view, create, manipulate, print and manage text document that can be read on both the OS – Windows and Macintosh?
(a) VMWare
(b) QuarkXPress
(c) Adobe Acrobat
(d) VLC
(e) None of the above

Q8. Which of the following option best refer the purpose of an application program?
(a) Meet specific user needs 
(b) Make equivalent run better
(c) Allow the operating system to control resources better
(d) Convert program written in high-level language to machine level language
(e) None of the above

Q9. What is the Function key that can be used to refresh the current window?
(a) F5
(b) F6
(c) F7
(d) F8
(e) F12

Q10. Which of the following is not a network topology?
(a) Co-linear
(b) Bus
(c) Rhombus
(d) Ring
(e) Both (a) and (c) 

Q11. From which of the following contents are lost when a computer is turned off?
(a) non-volatile storage
(b) input
(c) output
(d) volatile storage
(e) POST

Q12. Who is called the father of modern computing?
(a) Charles Babbage 
(b) Hollerith
(c) Gottfried von Leibnitz
(d) Joseph M. jacquard
(e) Vannueman

Q13. Which of the following statement is closely related to Hypertext?
(a) Text stored in the memory of the computer
(b) A system of managing textual Information by creating associations between different documents
(c) Special text used in Internet developing package
(d) Text displayed on the screen of the computer
(e) None of the above

Q14. Who coined the term computer virus?
(a) MC Fee
(b) Smiths
(c) Frederick Cohen 
(d) Norton
(e) None of the above

Q15. 'Ctrl +Esc' is the shortcut key combination for?
(a) Shows the start menu 
(b) shows the format menu
(c) Shows the tools menu
(d) shows the insert menu
(e) None of the above


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