Fill in the Blanks for Dena Bank and BOI PO Exam 2017

english questions SBI PO Pre 2017

Dear Students, The NIACL Assist. mains exam is scheduled on 23 May 2017. In the English section, there will be  total 40 questions. Questions might be asked from Reading Comprehension , Cloze test ,Phrase replacement and also new pattern questions as well. In this post, we will discuss questions related to 'Fill in the blanks'. These types of questions are based on the vocabulary and phrasal verbs. Students are advised to revise vocabulary and phrasal verbs. We have already provided Important Phrasal verbs for SBI PO and other bank exams as well. 

Directions (1-15): Each sentence below has one or two blanks, each blank indicating that something has been omitted. Beneath the sentence are five lettered words or sets of words. Choose the word or set of words for each blank that best fits the meaning of the sentence as a whole.

Q1. The __________ of the desert explains why so many Egyptian mummies are still intact, whereas the humidity of the tombs in tropical rain forests supports the agents of decay so that few Aztec mummies have __________.
(a) heat … survived
(b) aridity … endured
(c) dehydration … decayed
(d) barrenness … proliferated
(e) seclusion … surfaced

Q2. They __________ until there was no recourse but to __________ a desperate, last–minute solution to the problem.
(a) berated … try
(b) delayed … envision
(c) procrastinated … implement
(d) debated … maintain
(e) filibustered … reject

Q3. The Wankel Rotary Engine was an engineering marvel that substantially reduced automobile exhaust emissions, but because it was less fuel–efficient than the standard piston–cylinder engine, it was __________ in the early 1970s when __________ pollution gave way to panic over fuel shortages.
(a) needed … disillusionment with
(b) conceived … attention on
(c) modified … opinion on
(d) abandoned … preoccupation with
(e) discarded … interest in

Q4. Friendship, no matter how __________, has its boundaries; __________ advice, when thrust insistently upon one, is rarely an act of friendship, regardless of the adviser’s intent.
(a) cool … contradictory
(b) enjoyable … obverse
(c) intimate … unsolicited
(d) distant … marital
(e) special … desired

Q5. Despite generous helpings of __________ from a group of __________ critics, this iconoclastic poet’s three volumes have sold steadily.
(a) zeal … hidebound
(b) mockery … obscure
(c) tedium … respected
(d) abuse … ineffectual
(e) vitriol … influential

Q6. Because the different components of the film industry were “vertically” oriented —arranged so that all __________, from production to projection, were held by one company—it was __________ that monopolistic practices would arise.
(a) opportunities for control … inevitable
(b) burdens of business … understandable
(c) exercises of power … appropriate
(d) means of solicitation … predictable
(e) perquisites of commerce … unsavory

Q7. From the __________ that the peasants tried to conceal as they knelt before the body of the dictator’s son, I concluded that, far from affection, it was __________ that had brought them to the wake.
(a) hatred … sarcasm
(b) reticence … violence
(c) diligence … adulation
(d) trepidation … fear
(e) sorrow … patriotism

Q8. Despite the increased attention __________ juvenile delinquency, there has been a __________ in crimes committed by juveniles.
(a) allotted to … dip
(b) offered to … development
(c) given to … rise
(d) spent on … decrease
(e) withdrawn from … growth

Q9. Much of the Beatles’ music, as evidenced by “All You Need Is Love,” was characterized by a superficial __________ subtly contradicted by an inherent, deeper cynicism.
(a) competence
(b) world–weariness
(c) liveliness
(d) naivete
(e) gloss

Q10. During their famous clash, Jung was ambivalent about Freud so he attacked the father of modern psychoanalysis even as he __________ him.
(a) enlightened
(b) chastened
(c) revered
(d) despised
(e) understood

Q11. Here was not a quick but rather a through intelligence; however __________, she came to __________ all things touching her life.
(a) unmindfully … embrace
(b) desperately … appreciate
(c) slowly … jettison
(d) methodically … discern
(e) ploddingly … understand

Q12. Considering the __________ era in which the novel was written, its tone and theme are remarkably __________.
(a) enlightened … disenchanted
(b) scholarly … undramatic
(c) superstitious … medieval
(d) permissive … puritanical
(e) undistinguished … commonplace

Q13. Feuds tend to arise in societies that __________ centralized government; when public justice is difficult to enforce, private recourse is more __________.
(a) espouse … acceptable
(b) affirm … objectionable
(c) dislike … satisfying
(d) reject … brutal
(e) lack … effective

Q14. He must always be the center of attention; he would rather be criticized than __________.
(a) ignored
(b) selfish
(c) remembered
(d) praised
(e) different

Q15. Greek philosophers tried to __________ contemporary notions of change and stability by postulating the existence of the atom, __________ particle from which all varieties of matter are formed.
(a) personify … a mutating
(b) reconcile … an indivisible
(c) simplify … a specific
(d) eliminate … an infinitesimal
(e) confirm … an interesting

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