New Pattern Reasoning Questions for RBI Grade B

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Just a few days are left for SBI PO and NIACL Assistant Examination. It is time to pace up your preparation for SBI PO Prelims and NIACL Assistant Mains 2017. These Reasoning questions will also help you in preparing for BOB PO and NICL AO 2017 recruitment examination.

Directions (1-5): Study the following information carefully and answer the questions given below:
Farmer A of Nirman Nagar goes to trade fair with their family after completing their daily work. There are nine members in the family after including farmer, i.e. A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H and I. Each member eats different food items viz. Chocolate, Pizza, Burger, Rasmalai, Samosa, Jalebi, Khulfi, Dosa and Idli. The relation of farmer with the family members is defined as Father, Mother, Brother, Sister, Wife, Daughter, Son, and Brother-in-law but not in the same order. All the family members are enjoying circular ride, but not necessarily in the same order. Some of them are facing towards centre while others are facing outward.
I is brother of A’s daughter. A’s brother is seated on the immediate right of the brother of A’s sister and both face the same direction. I’s father eats Pizza. H has a sister. The mother of A’s son is E and sits second to the left of the married son of A’s father. F’s daughter-in-law eats Idli. A faces outward. F is a male. A’s father sits third to the right A’s daughter. Either I or H sits third to the left of the mother of C, but both I and H face the same direction. A’s brother and sister eats Burger and Chocolate   respectively. G is not father of H. In two generations, the members of the same generation are sitting immediate next to each other and face the same direction. A’s father does not eat Dosa and Khulfi. F’s grandson eats Rasmalai. B is a female and of the same generation as of A. G sits on the immediate left of the granddaughter of A’s father. The one, who is the wife of F likes Kulfi . A’s brother-in-law neither eats Dosa nor Samosa. A’s father doesn’t sit immediate next to his children. G is facing the centre and is second to the right of A. B sits second to the left of F. No three members seated together can face the same direction. 
Q1. How is B’s husband related to A’s father?
(a) Brother
(b) Father
(c) Son 
(d) Grandson
(e) Son-in-law

Q2. Who sits third to the right of A’s mother?
(a) B
(b) H’s brother-in-law
(c) A’s brother-in-law
(d) E’s husband 
(e) Both (b) and (c) 

Q3. Who among the following sits exactly between A and his wife? 
(a) F
(b) A’s sister
(c) A’s daughter
(d) D
(e) None of these 

Q4. Four of the following five are alike in a certain way and hence they form a group. Which one of the following does not belong to that group? 
(a) C
(b) F
(c) H 
(d) I
(e) A

Q5. Which of the following persons faces inside?
(a) B, G, F and I.
(b) A, G, D and I.
(c) G, D, A’s father and G’s wife.
(d) D, G, B and C.
(e) None of these

Directions(6-10): Answer the questions on the basis of the information given below.
Six kids– Z, X, C, V, B and N- watch in different Cartoon serials on their TV viz.  Ducktails, Doremon, Shinchain, Baloo, Chota beem and Hanuman – and they are lives on six different floors of a building, numbered 1 to 6. They like six different Cartoon  Characters viz. Dholu, Sizuka, Munni, Lui, Jiyan and Pumba, in no particular order. Each Cartoon serial is cast on a different day from Monday to Saturday. X likes Jiyan and Cartoon serial likes by him is Doremon and lives on the 6th floor of the building. B and Z lives on even numbered floors who’s cartoon cast on Saturday and Monday. The one who watch Ducktails is lives on the lowest floor and it is cast on Tuesday.  Baloo Cartoon serial watch by that kid who lives on the floor next to X and it is cast on Thursday. The kid who watches Hanuman likes Pumba and his cartoon is cast on Monday. N likes Lui and he lives on first floor. One of the kid who watches Cartoon serials which cast on friday lives on even numbered floors. V lives two floors below C and he likes Munni. B, who does not  live immediately above or below of C, likes Dholu and his serial cast on Saturday. The kid who likes Chota beem is lives on an even numbered floor.

Q6. Who is watching Ducktails cartoon serial?
(a) Z
(b) N
(c) V
(d) X
(e) C

Q7. Which Character does B like?
(a) Pumba
(b) Jiyan
(c) Dholu
(d) Lui
(e) Sizuka

Q8. Who among the following watch that cartoon which is cast on Thursday?
(a) V
(b) N
(c) Z
(d) X
(e) C

Q9. If V is related to C and B is related to Z, in the same way N is related to?
(a) X
(b) N
(c) Z
(d) V
(e) C

Q10. Which of the following combination is correct?
(a) V – Shinchain – Sizuka
(b) C – Baloo – Munni
(c) Z – Chota beem – Pumba
(d) X – Doremon – Dholu
(e) N – Ducktails – Lui

Directions (11-15): In the following questions, the symbols @,#,%,$ and © are used with the following meaning as illustrated below-
‘P#Q’ means ‘P is neither greater than nor equal to Q’
‘P©Q’ means ‘P is neither equal to nor smaller than Q’
‘P%Q’ means ‘P is neither smaller than nor greater than Q’
‘P$Q’ means ‘P is not smaller than Q’
‘P@Q’ means ‘P is not greater than Q’
Now in each of the following questions assuming the given statement to be true, find which of the three conclusions I, II and III given below them is/are definitely true and given your answer accordingly.

Q11. Statements: R@D, D©W, B$W
I. W#R
(a) None is true
(b) only I is true
(c) only III is true
(d) either I or III are true
(e) All are true

Q12. Statements: H$V, V%M, K©M
I. K©V
(a) only I and III are true
(b) only II and III are true
(c) only I and II are true
(d) All are true
(e) None of these

Q13. Statements: K#T, T$B, B@F
I. F $ T
II. K # B
(a) None is true
(b) only I is true
(c) only I and II are true (d) only II and III are true
(e) All are true

Q14. Statements: Z#F, R@F, D©R
I. Z#R
(a) None is true
(b) only I is true
(c) only III is true
(d) either I or III is true
(e) All are true 

Q15. Statements: M©R, R%D, D@N
I. M©N
(a) only I and II are true
(b) only II and III are true
(c) only I and III are True
(d)  All are true
(e) None of these


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