5 Important Steps to Solve Puzzles

Dear Readers,

What disturbs you the most in the exam?

What consumes your lot of time?

And which topic has of maximum weightage in the exam?

The answer to all the above question is  puzzle, “hAr student ki problem Puzzles”. Yes, students puzzle section has always puzzled every student in the exam. If we talk about last year SBI PO Mains cutoff was just 70 Marks as the level of the exam was really tough. Puzzles in SBI PO Mains 2016 was very difficult and same was the case in IBPS PO mains 2016.

The difficulty of the exam is increasing day by day and in order to stand in the current scenario you have to upgrade yourself from good to better and from better to best. So, here we are with the five important steps to keep in mind while solving the puzzle. We are going to explain these steps with the help of an example puzzle, that we are picking up from SBI PO mains mock 1 of Adda247 test series. The puzzle we are bringing up for you is of level 4 kind, you should try to skip these kind of puzzles in real exam unless or until you don’t have any other options. 

Puzzle: SBI PO Mains mock 1 of Adda247

A, B, C, D, W, X and Y live on seven different floors of a building but not necessarily in the same order. The lowermost floor of the building is numbered 1, the one above that is numbered 2 and so on till the topmost floor are numbered 7. Each one of them has different tanks in their house which are located on the terrace viz. G, H, I, J, K, L and M. (But not necessarily in the same order.)The tank of each one of them has different capacity in litre viz.—500, 225, 150, 100, 450, 300, 400; but not necessary in the same order. Seven tanks G, H, I, J, K, L and M are connected through similar pipes to a reservoir of water as shown in the following diagram. The water flows at the rate of 25 litres per minute through each of the pipes simultaneously from the reservoir to each of the tanks.

A lives on an odd numbered floor but not on the floor numbered 3. A’s tank has a capacity of  150 litres. When the tank G is half full, the water from G starts flowing to H at the rate of 25 litres per minute. The one who has K tank lives immediately above A. Only two people live between D and the one who has K tank. No one whose tank has 450 litres capacity lives on floor number 2 or 4.The one who has H tank lives on a one of the odd numbered floors above D. Only three people live between C and the one who has H tank. When H, I, J and K are full, water starts flowing from these tanks to I, J, M and L respectively at the above mentioned rate.The one who has J tank has 500 litres capacity. The one who has I tank lives immediately above C. When L is 1/4th full, water starts flowing from L to G at the above mentioned rate.The one who has G tank lives immediately above the one who has M tank. The one who has L tank has not the capacity of 450 litres. Y lives on an odd numbered floor. B has a tank of 225 litres capacity. Only one person lives between B and W. L tank has 400 litre capacity. B lives on one of the floors above W. Neither C nor A has tank J. W has a tank which does not contain 300 litres capacity. W does not have tank I. Outflow from each tank stops when the tank in to which water is flowing from this tank is full. Tank I has a capacity of 300 litres.

Questions from above puzzle:

Q1. Among G, H, L and D’s tank which tank gets filled first?
(a)The tank which is of 100 litre capacity
(b)A’s tank

Q2. How many minutes after I is filled does B’s tank become full?
(e)None of these

Q3. Which tank takes the longest time to get filled?
(a)The tank which is of 150 litre capacity
(c)C’s tank
(e)Y’s tank

Q4. Which of the following is the tank of A?
(a) The tank which is of 400 litre capacity
(b) M
(c) I 
(d) H
(e) The tank which is of 100 litre capacity

Q5. Who amongst the following lives on the floor numbered 2?
(a) B
(b) The one who has tank G
(c) The one who has tank M
(d) D
(e) The one whose tank capacity is of 300 litre

NOTE: We want you to solve the Puzzle before reading the below points. Once you are done with the Puzzle, then read the below mentioned points. Once you complete this exercise, you need to analyse your approach before reading the article and afterwards.

So if we go through the above puzzle the things we should keep in mind and the steps we should follow to solve are as follows:

First of all, read the first para quickly don’t spend much time in reading the first paragraph very deeply. Because in the first paragraph you are provided with the basic info like people and things (like their names, their sitting arrangement, their direction and other specific information). Here in this puzzle information given is of seven people living on seven different floors having their respective tank and capacities of the different tank. The specific information here is the flow of water through the pipe in the image shown. So in this, it will just take 30 sec if you are in practice of doing the puzzle from test series. 

• Moving further after knowing the basic information go through the whole puzzle quickly. At this time you just need to notice that regarding which particular variable most of the information is given and then you have to start your puzzle with that particular variable. Talking about the above puzzle there are 3 different information which is provided related to A. So start solving the puzzle with the info related to 'A'.

• Now after getting the Start Point of the puzzle, start reading it again from the second paragraph carefully and start placing things according to the information. While moving ahead, you might start getting many possibilities in which the person can be arranged. You need to make all the possibilities and move forward. After certain time, the possibilities will start getting cancelled. But you need to be patient till that time.

• When you move further in the puzzle you will find some information that will not fit in the solution at that particular point of time. For such information, you can write that in coded language separately which will come handy later. Then at last relate all the coded information to the solution and come to the final solution cancelling all the cases. 

• At times, you may stuck in the situation when the puzzle remain unsolved and this is the crucial time as you had spent time in this puzzle and didn’t come up with solution so, you get nervous and from here you are left with two choices either you leave puzzle there or try to read it once again to catch the point you missed before. But while going through the puzzle again you need to stay calm. If you get nervous at that time, then there is a good chance that you miss the information again.

So, these are the basic steps to approach for a puzzle. Rest as always said “Practice Makes A Man Perfect” and puzzle just needs a practice the more you practice more you achieve success in this section. We will provide the solution of above puzzle tomorrow.


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