Banking Awareness Questions for RBI Grade-B Phase-1 Exam

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Just a few days are left for RBI Grade-B Phase-1 Exam. It is time to pace up your preparation of Banking Awareness for RBI Grade-B Officers. These Banking questions will also help you in preparing for other upcoming banking recruitment examination.

Q1. _______ is a deposit account provided by a bank or other financial institutions for individuals to save money and earn the modest interest for that money held in the account.
(a) Fixed Deposit Account
(b) Savings Bank Account
(c) Recurring Account
(d) Current Account
(e) None of the given options is true

Q2. Which among the following bank is the first bank to launch the Mudra Card based on the RuPay platform?
(a) SBI
(b) Corporation Bank
(c) Vijaya Bank
(d) PNB
(e) HDFC Bank

Q3. ______________ in partnership with Visa launched India’s first co-branded e-commerce credit card.
(a) Flipkart and ICICI Bank
(b) Snapdeal and ICICI Bank
(c) Flipkart and HDFC Bank
(d) Snapdeal and HDFC Bank
(e) Flipkart and Axis Bank

Q4. ____________ is a product to provide a person with an opportunity to build up saving through regular monthly deposits of fixed sum over a period of time.
(a) Fixed Deposit Account
(b) Savings Bank Account
(c) Recurring Deposit Account
(d) Current Account
(e) None of the given options is true

Q5. World’s first Bank Agnostic Instant Funds Transfer Platform using Facebook launched by-
(a) ICICI Bank
(b) Kotak Mahindra Bank
(c) Indusind Bank
(d) Central Bank
(e) HDFC Bank

Q6. _________ account is opened by the investor while registering with an investment broker.
(a) Fixed Deposit Account
(b) Savings Bank Account
(c) Recurring Account
(d) Demat Account
(e) None of the given options is true

Q7. Which of the following Bank launches India’s first Mobile ATM?
(a) HDFC Bank
(b) Axis Bank
(c) ICICI Bank
(d) SBI
(e) Bank of Baroda

Q8. World’s first Bitcoin ATM located in-
(a) US
(b) Brazil
(c) Canada
(d) UK
(e) Japan

Q9. _______ is a financial market in which share prices are rising or expected to rise.
(a) Bear Market
(b) Bull Market
(c) Pig Market
(d) High Market
(e) None of the given options is true

Q10. Who was known as the “Father of Modern Economics”?
(a) Amartya Sen
(b) Karl Marx
(c) Adam Smith
(d) George Loewenstein
(e) None of the given options is true

Q11. The availability of cash and other cash-like marketable instruments that are useful in purchases and investments are commonly known as............?
(a) Liquidity
(b) Credit
(c) Marketability
(d) Repo Rate 
(e) Market price

Q12. Which was the first Indian company listed in National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotation System (NASDAQ)?
(a) TCS
(b) HCL
(c) Infosys
(d) Reliance
(e) Wipro

Q13. Special Drawing Rights (SDR) are supplementary foreign exchange reserve assets defined and maintained by-
(a) Asian Development Bank (ADB)
(b) Reserve Bank of India (RBI)
(c) World Bank (WB)
(d) International Monetary Fund (IMF)
(e) Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB)

Q14. The Imperial Bank of India was renamed as?
(a) Reserve Bank of India
(b) IDBI
(c) Union Bank of India
(d) State Bank of India
(e) Axis Bank

Q15. SBI Day is observed on-
(a) April 1
(b) May 1
(c) June 5
(d) July 1
(e) August 1


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