GA Questions Asked in SBI PO Mains Exam 2017

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We are publishing the General Awareness Questions asked in the State Bank of India PO Mains Exam. You can share more questions in the comment section. Most of the questions were asked from the capsule. We will keep updating the questions.

Q1. Kavinder Singh and Satish Kumar is related to which game?
Answer- Boxing

Q2. As per report of Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI) India’s military expenditure in 2016 grew by-
Answer- 8.5 per cent

Q3. What is the meaning of "C" in PCA?
Answer- Prompt Corrective Action 

Q4. India Licensing Expo (ILE), India's first and most influential brand licensing show will take place on August 20-21 in-
Answer- Mumbai

Q5. Who is highest wicket-taker in women's ODIs?
Answer- Jhulan Goswami

Q6. The Insolvency and Bankruptcy Board of India (IBBI) has constituted a Technical Committee in accordance with Regulation 14 of the IBBI (Information Utilities) Regulations, 2017. The Technical Committee (Committee) will be headed by?
Answer- Dr R. B. Barman 

Q7. India’s growth for 2018-19 as projected by IMF?
Answer- 7.7 per cent

Q8. National Financial Switch (NFS) is run by-
Answer- NPCI

Q9. Who was elected as head of FIFA’s governance committee at the world football governing body’s 67th Congress in Bahrain’s capital city of Manama?
Answer- Mukul Mudgal 

Q10. Foreign direct investment (FDI) in India grew 18 per cent during 2016 to touch ______________ data released by the Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion (DIPP).
Answer: $46 billion

Q11. Fiscal deficit target for 2017-18 pegged at __________ of GDP? 
Answer- 3.2%

Q12. The government has decided to make tax evasion of over ____________ under the proposed Goods and Services Tax (GST) the regime as a non-bailable offence.
Answer- Rs 5 crore

Q13. What is the meaning of "S" in MSF?
Answer- Marginal Standing Facility

Q14. What is the meaning of "P" in APBS?
Answer- Aadhaar Payment Bridge System

Q15. The target of digital transactions through UPI, USSD, Aadhar, IMPS for 2017-18?
Answer- 2,500 crore digital transactions

Q16. Cheque written by drawer and dated at some point in past is called? 
Answer- Ante-dated cheque

Q17. As per RBI norms on small banks, initial promoter stake for first 5 years should not be less than?
Answer- 40 per cent

Q18. One questions were, Which of the following not correct about UPI?

Q19. The base year for calculating key economic growth from 2004-05 changed to?
Answer: 2011-12

Q20. One Question was, increase in repo rate signifies?
Answer: Commercial banks will get more incentives to park their funds with the RBI, thereby decreasing the supply of money

Q21. Finland has become the first country in Europe to pay its unemployed citizens a basic monthly income, amounting to-
Answer- 560 euros ($587)

Q22. Total number of ATMs of SBI after the merger?
Answer- 59,000 ATMs

Q23. The government of India (GOI) has approved 681 crores as seed capital for building a venture for electronic devices with total corpus?
Answer- Rs 6,831 crore

Q24. How much amount has allocated by the government to MGNREGA in this year's (2017-18) Budget? 
Answer- Rs 48,000 crore

Q25. Risk of collapse of entire financial system on entire market is called-
Answer- Systemic risk

Q26. Payments bank not permitted to?
Answer- cannot offer loans

Q27. The NBFCs are allowed to accept/renew public deposits for a minimum period of 12 months and the maximum period of _____  months. 
Answer- 60 months

Q28. Government of India has changed CII base year from 1981 to-
Answer- 2001

Q29. Metric which defines operating liquidity available to business is known as?
Answer- Working capital

Q30. An estimated USD _________ in black money entered India during 2005-2014, US-based think tank Global Financial Integrity (GFI).
Answer- 770 billion

Q31. Name the person, who will head a task force to assess the extent of employment creation at different points of time, based on “credible data.
Answer- Arvind Panagriya

Q32. Institute for Development & Research in Banking Technology (IDRBT) is located in?
Answer- Hyderabad

Q33. Class of derivative whose value is at least partly derived from one or more underlying stock exchange securities? (Trade, Commodity, Credit, Interest Rate, Equity)
Answer- Equity Derivative

Q34. The framework of Joint Lenders’ Forum (JLF) by RBI is to strengthen the system for revitalising the................?
Answer- stressed assets in the economy

Q35. Amendment to Section _______ of Negotiable Instruments Acts to include the electronic image of a truncated cheque and a cheque in electronic form.
Answer- 6

Q36. The target for agricultural credit in 2017-18 has been fixed at a record level of-
Answer- Rs 10 lakh crore

Q37. 2017 Index of Economic Freedom is topped by which country? 
Answer- Hong Kong

Q38. As per RBI, ARCs must have the minimum net corpus of _________ crore by 2019.
Answer-  Rs 100 crore

Q39. The UN Day of Vesak Celebration is internationally a cultural and humanistic festival. 14th UN Vesak Day celebrated in which country?
Answer- Sri Lanka

Q40. Using SBI Mingle, the bank’s customers can do a host of banking services on their ____________ accounts at their own convenience.
Answer- Facebook or Twitter


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