Harder the way, Sweeter the Destination.

Hello friends,

You all must be preparing for your exams with sheer dedication. That sounds good. Isn't it? But there is more to your preparation than this. You have decided to walk on the path that is full of thorns & this is what makes you unique in itself. This could be understood in a better way by considering a scenario. 

There are two paths to reach a particular destination. That destination is so much desired by individuals as there is everything in plenty, be it wealth, food or shelter. Now, the paths leading to that destination have a catch. The path A has gleaming sunlight falling on it thereby making it sweltering whereas the path B is full of shade and is quite comfortable to walk on. Due to the ease, more & more people choose path B & start walking towards the awesome destination. Even the indolent ones also choose to walk on path B. This mob on path B causes a lot of delay in the movement.

Now due to the increase in the number of persons continuously, the condition of path B further worsens. It becomes an arduous task for commuters to ply. At the same time, the condition of path A is quite normal as it is less traveled by. Though it is tough to walk on path A, but persons who travel on it are hard-working & know how to beat all the odds. The sweltering heat can't shake the spirits of the travellers on path A. They know the key to reach the destination that bears the sweetest fruit. So, they move on continuously without any delay & they finally reach the destination much before the ones walking on path B. This way hard work pays off. 

Now same is the case with all of you preparing for these examinations. You are walking on the path that has lot of troubles. You may need to sacrifice your social life, toil hard & follow tough daily routines but in the end victory will kiss your hands. Because what seems to us as bitter trials are the blessings in disguise. Friends, always remember that all progress takes place outside the comfort zone. 

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