Computer Study Notes: Operating System for NABARD Exam 2017

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With NABARD exam approaching; it is a must that you cover all aspects of the exam to score well. Computers is a section in the Phase-I of NABARD recruitment examination and it is important that you pay attention in preparing Computers as well.  Here we will discuss some terms related to the operating system to help you prepare well for upcoming NABARD exam.

An operating system is a set of programs that help in controlling and managing the hardware and the software resources of a computer system. Main functions of the operating system are:
  • Process management
  • Memory management
  • File management 
  • Security
  • Command and interpretation
  • Resource allocation
Following are some types of Operating Systems:

1) Batch operating system: Here data and program that need to be processed are bundled and collected as a batch and executed together.

2) Multiprogramming operating system: It allows the instruction and data from two or more separate process to reside in primary simultaneously. Multiprogramming systems are multitasking multiuser and multiprocessing operating system.

3) Single user: It is designed for single user and a single person use it at a time i.e. DOS window’s 95 etc.

4) Distributed operating system: It is the one which manages a collection of independent computers and makes them appear to the user of the system as a single computer.

5) Real-Time Operating System (RTOS): It is a computing environment that reacts to input within a specific time period. It is used at those Places in which we require higher and Timely Response.

6) Time-Sharing System: A time-sharing system allows the many users to simultaneously share the computer resources. Since each action or command in a time-shared system takes a very small fraction of the time, only a little CPU time is needed for each user.

7) Mobile OS: Windows 10 Mobile is the latest name for Microsoft's phone and tablet operating system. Google's latest’s version of its Android OS is Nougat and iOS i.e. iPhone Operating System's latest version is iOS 10.


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