Interview Experience : India Post Payments Bank (IPPB) Officer Scale 1


Name: Cronny Chandan
Date of Interview: 17th July 2017
Venue: Yogayog Bhawan, CR Avenue, Kolkata- 12, West Bengal

My Interview was scheduled at 10:00 AM.
I reached the venue at 10:30 AM, My Biometric Verification was completed by 10:50 AM and Document Verification was started at 11:10 AM and completed at 11:30 AM. After completing Document Verification I was asked to go out of the Interview Panel Room.

My Interview started at 1:20 PM and ended at 1:35 PM. There were 5 members in the Interview Panel in which 1 was F and 4 were M. Before entering the Panel Room, I asked for permission to come in and they said yes, please come in. After that, I wished all of them a Good Afternoon, firstly Good Afternoon Ma’am and then Good Afternoon Sirs.

F: asked me to sit down and I said, Thank You, Ma’am…
F: How are You, Chandan?
Me: I am fine.

F: How many brothers and sisters do you have?
Me: Answered.

F: Where do you belong to?
Me: I answered I belonged to Madhubani, Bihar.

F: OOO, You belong to Madhubani. Do you know about Madhubani Painting?
Me:  Answered, Yes Ma'am.

F: So tell me how was this Painting made up?
Me: Answered clearly and she looked satisfied and then she smiled.

M1: What is your weakness?
Me: I told that I did not like interference in my work so that I can finish my work accurately. He seemed satisfied.

M1: Do you know SWOT?
Me: Answered, Yes Sir.

M1: Then explain it and give example correlated to yourself.
Me: Explained clearly and he looked satisfied with my answer.

M1: As you know the nationalisation of banks had been completed in 2 phases i.e. first in 1969 and second in 1980, and nowadays a renationalisation of banks is scheduled in our country. So tell me which is the best for our country?
Me: Answered diplomatically and he was impressed with my answer.

Meanwhile, M3 said you moderated the things and I replied, Thank You, Sir.

M2: Which is the best?
Taking too much time to finish the work and the work is 100% correct.
Taking less time to finish the work but the work is 60% correct.
Me: Answered that the median of the both examples is correct, not any of them.

M3: What is job profile of IPPB Assistant Manager?
Me: Answered 50-50.

F: How can you motivate GDS?
Me: I am unable to give the answer to this question at this moment.

F: Chandan, you have completed your Graduation in 2013, so what are you doing for last 4 years?
Me: As I was working in a Medical Shop, I told her that Ma'am during graduation and after completing my graduation I was working in a Medical shop till 2016, and in 2016 I started preparing for Banking and today I am working as a Bank Clerk in Bank of India.

She was impressed and said Very Good.

F: Ok, Chandan You may go now...Again she asked me if I wanted to ask her any questions.
Me: No ma'am and wished her Thank you, Mam, also others, Thank You, Sirs…

Overall the Interview was good and I am hoping for the final selection…..

Thank You for Reading.
With Regards,


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