The Only New Pattern eBooks Available! Career Power Complete Banking and SSC Course eBooks

Career Power Complete Bank Course eBooks

Books are the things that we are familiar with from the first day of school and can be termed as one’s best friend as no matter what it will going to be with you. As we know that the online or distant learning is very popular these days. And now with changing era it's all becoming digital so, why not books? You can now conveniently use your smart gadget for a smarter preparation with ebooks. E-books play an important part in e-learning. In this era of technology, E-books are the main source of information to students as they have simplified the education system by making it more convenient and affordable.  Not just going with the flow of digitalization infact there are lots of pros of using ebook which help anyone in many ways.

Ebooks are something that helps us to save lots of time as working aspirants and Students are worried regarding time management to prepares for exams but with e-Books, one is free from all the hassle of carrying various paperbacks, you can feasibly utilise your travel time or study any time you like easily by accessing E-Books on your phone or digital gadgets. It is seen that a lot of material(books) is available in the market nowadays which really confuse students that which one to buy and where to go but the ebooks are easy to buy you can just get it online and there is no need to run from shop to shop and that saves a lot of time. Many of the students live in an area which is not much developed and all books are not available in the market for them ebook plays an important role in their preparation. Ebooks cost less than the paper books and the student phase of life is one in which all suffer economically so, the digital study is the best option to go for.

The most important thing is that the main motive of all is to crack exam and now most of the exams are conducted online so, it becomes important to have screen reading habit and studying with ebook will relay help in this. So, the easiest, cheap and best way is to study with ebooks.

And to provide you all these benefits we adda247 have various ebooks for you and also the combined packages which are customised according to a different level of preparation that an aspirant undergoes in his journey of success. We had provided you with one package in which there are 50+ ebooks combined for the students who want to practice questions whether for bank exams or SSC exam. That ebooks cost Rs400 and consist of questions from basic level to high-level new pattern. This will be really helpful for the students who completed their course and want to practice more questions. 

And the package we are now up with is “Career Power” ebooks which provided you with a complete package of study material from notes to questions and from questions to previous year papers.  This is made by keeping in mind of the students who just started their preparation. It included a question from basic level to the difficult level. It is the easiest option for those who don’t have enough of time to attend classrooms programs. It becomes important for those also who attended coaching one or more year back as this ebook contain updated new pattern questions which will gonna help you in upcoming exams. This is the same ebooks we are providing you in hard copies at career power centres.

So, with this start your preparation now, the sooner you start the sooner you succeed. Don’t wait for notification just prepare yourself. Worriers don’t wait for the battle they sharp their blades regularly to fight for the glory.


11000+ (RRB, Clerk, PO) Candidates were selected in IBPS PO 2016 from Career Power Classroom Programs.

9 out of every 10 candidates selected in IBPS PO last year opted for Adda247 Online Test Series.

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