75th Anniversary of Quit India Movement

Many citizens of our country do not even care to know about our past history but we should understand that forgetting one's history is like losing one's identity. But, we know that you all are aware that 8th August was a very important day in India's history. India's Independence struggle is a long battle that has numerous stories of courage & valour buried deep in its history. The struggle saw many revolts, movements which were aimed at India's freedom but there were few which proved to be milestones in the journey to freedom. Non co-operation movement, civil disobedience movement etc are the names that helped the Indian freedom struggle to gain significant momentum. But the final blow was the QUIT INDIA MOVEMENT that helped to overthrow the British roots from India. 

Quit India is one of the watershed moments of the Indian History. It was launched at Mahatma Gandhi’s call in Bombay on August 8, 1942 at Bombay’s Gowalia Tank Maidan (subsequently known as August Kranti Maidan). It acted as a final nail in the coffin. There were huge protests all around the nation. People started courted arrest all over the country to show their anger towards the British rule. However, the major point to mention about this movement is it's non-violent base & nature. It was purely carried out on the principle of non-violence. Gandhiji himself said in his speech that the countrymen's fight is not a drive for power, but purely a non-violent fight for India’s independence. "The power, when it comes, will belong to the people of India, and it will be for them to decide to whom it placed in the entrusted", he said. The father of the nation called this movement as a fight not against the British people but against British imperialism. 

On 8th August we celebrated the 75th anniversary of the Quit India Movement. The movement that was not merely a movement but a mass struggle for the freedom of our motherland. The western world was already immersed in the inhuman, barbaric acts of the fascist powers & we Indians were trying our best by our ancient ideology of Ahimsa. Quit India movement can be termed as the inception of the dawn of Indian freedom. Now, the meaning of freedom has changed for every individual. But back then in 1940s, the only meaning was to clinch independence. Our PM has also urged the people to revive the spirit of the Quit India Movement, urging them to quit communalism, casteism, corruption, poverty, dirt and terrorism by 2022. So, we as responsible citizens should strive to make India a better place to live. At that time we forced the British to quit our nation but now is the time when we need to get rid of certain vices which affect the greatness of this nation's great legacy. 

We must pledge to become better citizens & serve our nation with an immense sense of responsibility.

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