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Writing skills are an important part of communication and Descriptive Test (of English Language) will test your writing skills, understanding, analysing and summerising skills. Learning how to write essays and letters can be one of the drearier experiences for students, but it is also one of the most important. It puts all your knowledge of language and General Awareness to Test. By working on your writing skills you will become more capable of analyzing data, interpreting data, and thinking critically. This year IBPS has also re-introduced Descriptive Test in the Mains Examination of Probationary Officer Recruitment, so you must start working on it when you have ample of time.

What can be the key to effective writing to score in Descriptive Section of IBPS Exam?

  • Reading- The more you'll read the more it will become easier for you to express opinions, ideas, and facts in a proper manner. Reading is essential to effective writing.
  • Grammar, Spellings, and Punctuation- Take them seriously!! There will be a deduction of marks in case you trip on these three. 
  • Brush up your knowledge of Current Affairs- There is a high possibility that you'll face a question from one of the trending topics in news, so always stay updated.

In our effort to provide you all with the latest topics with solved examples and practice exercise set for descriptive writing we bring you A Guide to Descriptive Writing eBook which will encourage you to be prepared to face toughest questions with a proper strategy. You can get the Descriptive Writing ebook from store.adda247 for a nominal price of Rs.49.

An essay is a long composition that can be asked on any topic, especially on the topics related to current issues, or the issues that are drawing everybody’s attention. You’ll get solved examples of essays on most frequently asked topics like Globalisation, Terrorism, Caste Based Reservation in India, Corruption in India, Paid News etc. and Current Affairs based trending topics like GIFT City, WannaCry Ransomware Attack, Naxalism in India, ISRO Attained New Heights, Electronic Voting Machines, Baahubali, Indo-Pak Relation etc. Here is an example of Essay Writing on the topic:

 Caste based Reservation in India

(This essay has been taken from the Descriptive eBook and you'll get more essays, letters, and precis in the eBook)

Q. Write an essay in 250 words expressing your views about caste based reservation in India.

Reservation is defined as the act of reserving, withholding or keeping back, or an arrangement by which arrangements are secured in advance. The system of caste based reservation in India encompasses a series of measures taken in order to reserve access to seats in the various governing bodies and educational institutions. It intendeds to favour historically underprivileged tribes and castes, listed as Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes and Other Backward Classes by the Government of India.

The reservation was undertaken to tackle the historical oppression, inequality, and discrimination faced by members of these communities. But now-a-days, economically sound people from lower castes make use of most of the reserved seats, thus counteracting the spirit of reservations. Those who really need to be benefited by this system don’t even know about their rights and how to claim for it.  The benefits of reservation have been denied to people who deserve it the most just because they belong to a caste that comes under the unreserved category. Instead, youth from these communities who belong to well-to-do families are found to exploit this reservation system.

Reservation must be given to the needy people. Rich people belonging to SC/ST/OBC community must not enjoy the fruits of reservation just because they belong to a lower caste. Steps must be taken by the Indian Government to amend it, revise or change it. Reservation must be given to financially poor people, physically handicapped or widows with no source of income.

Through this ebook you can also learn key point and write an essay on insurance and Banking related topics like Financial Inclusion, Merger of banks, Insurance Penetration etc. 

We’ve also included a practice exercise based on latest current affairs and hot topics like Cow vigilantism, Vienna Convention, One Belt One Road project etc. You must attempt to write essays on the questions of this practice exercise as this will not only help you test your skills of essay writing but also will boost your confidence. Do remember the word limit of 250-300 words while writing an essay as you must keep it precise and not verbose.


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