Important Topics for IBPS RRB 2017

Important Topics for IBPS RRB 2017

Dear students, we are providing you all with every important topic that you cannot give the cold shoulder to. Bear it in mind that your hard work will bear fruits only when you prepare all the topics well regardless of what is important and what isn't. The pattern of all the banking examinations has now been showing extreme vacillations and the fight for government jobs is getting hard every year. So, bankersadda is providing you with all the important topics from every section that is asked in RRB PO and Office Assistant Examination.

Quantitative Aptitude

Data Interpretation
Data and Interpretation is an essential part of any banking examination, be it IBPS or IBPS RRB. Almost one-fourth of the total questions asked in the Quantitative Aptitude Section in RRB are based on DI. We hope now you know how important it is not to give a cold shoulder to this particular topic. The usual pattern of DI questions has always been based on Ratio and Proportion, Percentage, Average, and Profit and Loss, but this year we observed a change in the pattern when DI questions asked were based on Time and Work and a few more topics from Arithmetic. So, be well prepared with these topics so as to deal with DI without panicking. The other most important job is to be excellent at calculation because all that you need to do in DI is calculation and if you lag here, this section can prove to be a can of worms for you.

The other most important topic for IBPS RRB Quant section is Inequality. The number of expected questions on this particular topic is 5-10. There is a possibility of two types of questions on this topic. First is the usual concept of Quadratic Equations and Second is the new pattern of Quantity 1 and Quantity 2 where the questions asked are based on Profit and Loss, Average, Mensuration, etc and you will have the compare the two quantities based on the solutions obtained. So students, be well prepared with Quadratic Equations to cross that bridge when you come to it. Also, be well prepared with the topics from Arithmetic Portion as the new pattern questions can be asked too is a possibility.

Number Series
Number Series is an equally important topic for IBPS RRB Exam. The number of expected questions from this topic is also 5. The number series are mostly based on two patterns, Uniform and Non-Uniform Pattern: The uniform pattern may have series based on Addition, Subtraction, Prime Numbers, Squares, Cubes, Decimals, etc. The non-uniform pattern may include the series based mixed pattern of the topics mentioned for the uniform pattern. The only way to deal with this section is practice. The more you practice, the more easily you recognize the pattern of series.

Simplification and Approximation
The number of expected questions on this topic is 5-10. This can be the simplest part to deal with if you are good at calculations. So be fast with calculations and keep practicing, it will always stand you in good stead. The important trick to deal with this section is to remember the VBODMAS Rule and have all the tables, cubes, squares entirely grasped.


The puzzle is the most important topic of Reasoning Section as the number of expected questions from this topic is 10-20. Most of the other miscellaneous topics too are being asked in the form of puzzles only. The puzzles now being asked are very lengthy, complex and even calculation based. Earlier students used to have a mindset of ignoring the complex puzzles, thereby solving the other questions that were comparatively easy. But to their dismay, this strategy won’t be working anymore as so many questions from the other topics like directions, etc. are being asked in the form of puzzles only. So, be prepared for billets from the blues in this section. Keep practicing, this is the only way out to deal with puzzles.

The number of expected questions on this topic is 5-6. The questions can be based on the usual old pattern as well as the new pattern of Reverse Syllogism in which the conclusion is given in the question and you have to choose the correct statements for that particular conclusion. It is one of the easiest and scoring topics so prepare it well and you will be able to bag 5 marks very easily in Reasoning Ability Section.

Data Sufficiency
The questions based on data sufficiency can have 2 or 3 statements based on the difficulty level of the questions. If asked, there will be a total of 3-5 questions on this topic.

Logical Reasoning 
The number of expected questions on this topic is 5-6. The questions asked in this section are based on cause and effect, a course of action, assumptions and conclusions, strength of arguments, inference, etc. The level of questions has always been moderate so you can easily attempt the questions without wasting much of time on them.


Reading Comprehension 
The pattern of RC is almost the same. The topics of RC may be based on banking, finance and economy. It is a significant topic as the number of expected questions is 15. Reading Comprehension is generally easy when compared to other questions asked in the English Language Section. The point to be noted here is that it is always lengthy and this is the reason why it should be attempted in the end.

Cloze test
This is also a very important topic for English Section. The number of expected questions on this topic is 5. This is also a scoring topic if you prepare it well.

Sentence errors/Improvements/Fillers
These miscellaneous topics are also very important as the number of questions that can be asked on them is 5 on each topic. These topics are not so time-consuming so one should choose to start the English Language Section with these questions only.

General Awareness

Most of the students are scared of this section as it is the only section which so vast that one cannot set its limits. So students, prepare all the current affairs from last 3-4 months, Static Awareness that is available on Bankersadda and GA capsule to make the grade in this particular section.


The important topics to be done in this section are Basics of Computer Hardware and Software, Internet,  Computer Input/Output Devices, Computer Organisation, History and Generation, and Abbreviations and Shortcut keys.

So students, work hard, keep practicing. Not many days are left for your preparations, do what you feel is best for you and your career. We hope this list of important topics will help you with your preparations for RRB 2017. All the best for the examinations!!

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