"Focus on Your Strengths and also Try to Improve Your Weakness." : Survi Sharma (BOB PO 2017)

Dear Readers,

My name is Survi Sharma and I hail from Dhanbad Jharkhand. I have cleared Bank of Baroda P.O. 2017 and  I would like to share my strategies and material which I used to crack the exam.

A  bit about myself- Graduation-B. com (Hons.) 2015
I am just like one of you. The thing is today I am standing on the other side of the line where tomorrow you will be. My journey was struggling both academically as well as in family matters.  But I carried on. In past years, I appeared for 4 exams IBPS PO 2015-2016 and IBPS Clerk 2015-2016 and in this exam, I was mocked down by very small margin. After IBPS clerk result 2016 I decided no matter what I need to clear BOB anyhow. 

My family problems were also pushing me to the edge. I gave my everything to this exam. News of decreasing vacancy in future exams scared me and I studied like this is my last chance and finally, level by level I reached here

My Exam Strategy

Well, I never studied for prelims, because in my opinion if you study for mains ultimately your pre is cleared. 

Focus on your strengths and also try to improve your weakness. Make two sections very strong and nail them whereas try to clear cut-off in other two sections.

REASONING - My strong section - This section has undergone a lot of changes.but one thing to understand is that the questions are twisted but not difficult. If we keep ourself calm, we can easily solve them. I used to solve reasoning from bankersadda and competition power magazine past 8 months. Best questions are found here. I used to set a timer and solve questions. If the question was not solved, I used to stick to it until and unless it was solved, gradually I was able to solve puzzles within 5 minutes time. 

GENERAL AWARENESS - My strong section - scoring and game-changing section. Please don't neglect this section, it will help you beat the competition. It's all about revising again and again. 

FOR current affairs -  Every morning I used to learn GK from Daily GK of Bankersadda and at night I used to revise what I learned. 

BANKING -  Notes on trending topics + RBI website. 

Static - I never touched this section as studying so many topics for few marks was not okay for me. 


MATHS- Bankersadda Competition Power past 8 months. Do not neglect word problems chapter because nowadays D.I. questions are created from word problems. 

ENGLISH - I never studied anything specific for English. I have a good hold on English so I was comfortable with it.  Just 1 advice-never try to mug up English or by-heart the vocab or anything. what I used to do in my school was to read and read. Once you read the same word, again and again, it gets stuck in your mind. Reading will eventually improve your overall English. It is a language and it will take time for you to improve.

MOCK TEST- Nothing can surpass the importance of mock tests. Every alternate day, I used to take a mock test. Don't give mock test just for namesake. Analyzing your performance is very important. Don't be disheartened if you score fewer marks, eventually, you will improve and perform well in exams. 

GO ON FEELING - The series of exams and failures make you negative and depressed, it happened to me also. To keep yourself going, take out one hour from your routine daily and do one thing that makes you feel fresh and good. I used to do exercise and dance and it used to keep me fresh and energetic to carry on with the spirit.

Guys I never took any coaching classes.  I just used to be very disciplined with my routine. Trust me, more than hard work you need patience in these exams. I owe my success to almighty and my family and Keshu. A special thank you to my best friend Tinku for motivating me and believing in me, thank you for all the support and lectures. You play a huge role in my journey (blessed to have you). 

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