How Working Aspirants Can Prepare For IBPS Clerk 2017


As the IBPS Clerk 2017 Examination is going to be held in the month of December, any aspirant who is already working somewhere else may go through an emotional turmoil about the efficient management of his/her studies along with the work. Not everyone gets the job they love or think they love, so they sometimes take jobs they really didn't want to go for, in order to make money and just grind through the day, weeks and months for the monthly pay. But, government jobs are still the most preferred options for most of the people. Getting a government job is still considered to be a great achievement as it provides you with a secure future, a great annual salary, fantastic perks, seniority based promotions, etc. Students, every year, so many working professionals successfully clear these competitive exams.

If you are a working professional, you may not find many hours for your preparations. A full-time job may consume 8-10 hours of your daily schedule. So, if one is serious about his/her preparations then he/she really needs to manage your study time efficiently and productively. You will have to make a strict schedule to organize your everyday activities. You will have to make your mind up about the time that is to be given to your studies and the time that you will be giving to other daily activities. Time division is really important if you are a working professional and simultaneously preparing for government jobs.

Following are the prerequisites for the efficient management of studies along with your job:

Collect quality study material (online/offline, depends upon your ease). E-books and Online Study Material is a better option to those who are working and find it hard to carry books to have a cursory glance at, in their free time.

Mark all the topics of every different subject that you are weak at. Much of the preparation time is to be given to these topics only.

Test Series play an important role in one's preparation for government jobs. Get them activated for RRB Clerk Examination. It not only helps you assess your progress from time to time but also guides you to manage to attempt the maximum number of questions within the stipulated time. We also provide you with Video Solutions in IBPS Clerk Test Series.

Prepare a study plan as per your subject preferences, and attempt a test on any particular subject that you are done with so as to assess your improvement.

Do attempt an online test series that simulate the real IBPS Clerk Examination on a weekly basis to make your grip stronger on the topics that you need to be excellent at.

Stop wasting time on frivolous activities as you will have enormous time for them after you have secured your future with a reputed government job.

• Make sure that you do not simply waste your time while travelling. Attempt quizzes while or read newspapers. Note that reading an English Newspaper is going to help you to deal with two important sections that are asked in every competitive exam, General Awareness and English Section.

Make a plan and follow it strictly for efficient management of time. As you are a working professional and you won’t be left with much of time for your studies after you return from work. Not having a proper study plan may lead to wastage of your precious time on unimportant activities and you will be left with zero time for your studies in the end of the day.

• If you think you lack somewhere in any of the subjects or topics, you can join Classroom Programs too. If do not get time for classes on week days, you can join weekend batches as per your convenience. We also provide Video Courses for the students who cannot join classroom programs.

Everyone needs at least 7 hours of sleep to sustain health. Never compromise with your sleep as high-quality sleep leads to a high quality performance.

• Recreational activities that you do should be the ones that are not a complete wastage of time. You can choose to read novels, listen to English songs, watch English movies, watch news, play Sudoku, or any other thing that only enhances your skills.

• You have got 24 hours in a day. We can estimate that 10 hours are consumed by a full time job and you need to have a sleep of 7 hours daily. Now you are left with 7 hours for the rest of your activities. So a proficient division of time for the rest of the activities would be:

1. 4 or 5 hours for your studies and the rest 2 or 3 hours for other important activities.
2. If you can manage to wake up early in the morning then you can give 2 hours to your studies before you go to work and the rest 2 or 3 hours after you return from work. 
3. If you are a person who finds it hard to wake up early in the morning and prefers late night studies then you will have to sit for 4 to 5 hours in a go and cover up your syllabus in accordance to the points mentioned above. 

So, students, there are 24 hours in a day. What makes the difference is how you choose to utilize these hours. There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from difficulties.

Best of Luck!!

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