"You Can Achieve Anything If You Set Your Mind to It" : Jubin Choudhary (BOB PO 2017)

Well like many aspirants, I was also at some point of time cursing my fate for constant failures in my life and was not aware where it was heading. Being an engineer I was just giving exams after exams, be they Tech or Non-Tech without actually focusing on one side.

It was sometime in February this year when I realized that even my M.Tech will be completed in next few months and still I didn't have a job in my hand, that was the flashpoint or the day of resolve. For a day or two, I just asked myself, what I am strong at? where I want to head in my life? Will I be really able to do it? and some other tough questions and in my heart, I knew the answers to all those questions for a long time but only was not ready to accept them. That day I realized that my problem was lack of resolve, lack of focus, lack of persistence and lack of hard work.

We live in a world of instant gratification where we want results even before we finish a task but life is not like that, we can only do our part sincerely and honestly, rest lies in the hands of almighty, but if we lack on our side then even almighty can't help us.

Sorry, philosophies aside let's discuss business, so I decided that non-tech is my strength and I will focus only on it. I decided that I will apply only for non-tech exams with full focus. In the phase between March and June 2017, I applied for NIACL Assistant, SBI PO, BOB Manipal and NICL AO.

Till that time I was not aware of Adda247 but when I started preparation for NIACL Assistant, one of my friends introduced me to the Adda App, and I was amazed to see the content these guys were providing free of cost.

I started following Adda app holistically solving the daily quizzes and reading daily current affairs, (one thing here I would like to add is that if you follow multiple portals then change it, it would be better if you focus only on one whichever you prefer and don't get into a comparison between their contents.)And if some of you who don't follow such portals, try to follow these because their daily quizzes could prove to be real cherries in the exam.

The next thing is about coaching, I didn't do any coaching because I knew that my basics of all the three (reasoning, aptitude, and English) were sound (in his heart everyone knows what he is strong at and what he is weak at so don't lie to yourself) and what I needed was only consolidation. But if you think you are weak at something even then there are lots of good youtube videos on almost all the topics and even if that doesn't help then you can go for a coaching but even then the key lies in consolidation.

The consolidation or the command on the subjects can only be achieved through practice and practice only. In non-tech practice as much as you can, solve as many questions of as many variations as you can, try solving the questions by different tricks so that you can do it in the least time. In non-tech exams, Accuracy and Time Management are the keys.  And in most exams, there is sectional cutoff so you need to be good at all the subjects. 

The most important aspect of my preparation is Mock Test. Mocks create the real difference between the aspirants and time passers. They give you the real edge because the interface is like that of the exam, you get all India rank, you can analyze your result, focus on weaker sections on the basis of that and most importantly they help to settle the nerves before the exam, consider the main exam as just another mock.

I had subscribed to the full year banking test series of ADDA and I gave all the mocks of NIACL Asst., SBI PO Pre, and Mains, NICL AO, BOB PO. And to my amazement, many of the general awareness questions in SBI PO mains and other exams were directly from their capsule which they used to ask again and again in their mocks and helped me in by-hearting it. I will give the most credit in my improved performance to mocks.

And the no. of hours of studying is not a relevant issue as per me because it depends on individuals grasping ability, some might do it in 1-hour others in 4 hours but the most important thing is to focus fully, for whatever time you study and try and avoid using mobile while studying, it really helps.

One personal suggestion: Avoid using social media(even WhatsApp) if you can, it will bring the real peace and focus in your life which you desperately need.

Finally About Me, I am Jubin Choudhary, currently working as an Assistant(2017 batch) in NIACL. Selected in the 21st batch of Baroda Manipal, Appeared for SBI PO interview 2017(final result awaited), NICL AO interview awaited.

Hope my story would help you in some way or other.

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