"Your Limit is Only You" : Ankit Tiwari (BOB PO 2017)

Dear Readers,

I am Ankit Tiwari from West Bengal.  I cracked BOB PO 2017 (22nd batch). At the beginning, I want to tell this to everyone whoever is preparing for competitions, remember nowadays competitions are just a test to fit you in a mold required to perform the job. Be it banking or else, you need to prepare yourself so that you get yourself fit in that mold. 

I also used to read success stories here and there as now you are reading mine and believe me if you guys are serious about your preparation then you are going to crack it sooner or later. No matter how many times you missed it, with every unsuccessful result and every walk to the exam centers you all are adding something into your preparation bag...and once it gets filled up to the mark you are writing your success story as I am writing mine. 

The motivation that you require should come from within yourself. Think why you desperately need that success in your life; be it for your family's needs or to provide your parents an easy life where they can finally say goodbye to all the hard work they were doing all these days while you were studying. I got my motivation from my father's cracked heels when he returned from the office, I got it from my mother's white hairs when I felt she too needs retirement... I felt I need to support my family sooner as my sister was working hard by giving tuitions to small children to support us. 

I have also failed many times. But every time I looked back into my mistakes, my shortcoming and worked upon them. Believe me its not that I never got frustrated over my failures, but one small sentence always held me "Stop worrying about results" and I kept working as hard as I could have, to ran in this competition as fast as I could... because even if I failed I believed I ran some distance and am ahead in my status by number of steps.

Never think yourself to be weak, to be unprepared, to be lost, to be poor...There is always potential to improve things. Always work for your achievements, to fill yourself with the knowledge and it never goes in vain.

No success is big enough to make you happy enough for a long time, no failure is big enough to make you cry for a long time... because always remember even if you went to the moon you are only in the pages of a book called history, nothing more than that.. 
Keep working day and night...And never take yourself for granted; you are going to win, you may feel it is impossible, but impossible itself says I M Possible.

The choice is yours. Do or learn how to not repeat it again. God bless u all. And one more thing, in this course of life do make good friends who know you and keep you motivated all the time...I am thankful to my friends and family... who knows my father might be reading my success story somewhere and feel proud of me. Good day. 

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