General Awareness Questions for IBPS RRB PO and Clerk 2017

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Current Affairs and General Awareness Questions

General Awareness is a very important section in the banking exams so pace up your preparation with G.K. Questions and Answers. So we are here to provide you very handy Quiz on General Awareness that will cover Current Affairs, Static Awareness, and Banking Awareness topics. Attempt the General Awareness quiz with your best effort and try to score as much as you can.

Q1. Name the company that was rewarded with the prestigious Rashtriya Khel Protsahan Award at Rashtrapati Bhawan, recently.
(a) Larsen and Toubro
(b) TATA Power
(c) Reliance Foundation
(e) Godrej

Q2. Name the President of Swiss Confederation who is on the three-day visit to India.
(a) Arnold Koller
(b) Doris Leuthard
(c) Flavio Cotti
(d) Ruth Dreifuss
(e) Kaspar Villiger

Q3. Who is the present vice-chairman of government think tank NITI Aayog?
(a) Arup Vohra
(b) Vishal Sikka
(c) Surjeet Shah
(d) Rajiv Kumar
(e) Raghubar Das

Q4. Name the ex-Home Secretary who was appointed Comptroller and Auditor General of India (CAG).
(a) Rajiv Mehrishi
(b) Raj Narayan Misra
(c) Rajiv Kumar
(d) Subrato Bose
(e) Swarup Kumar

Q5. Standard & Poor's (S&P) Global Ratings and its predecessor organizations have been in business for more than 150 years. (S&P) based in-
(a) New York, USA
(b) London, UK
(c) Paris, France
(d) Vienna, Austria
(e) Geneva, Switzerland

Q6. Which is a full-service credit rating agency exclusively set up for micro, small and medium enterprises?
(b) ICRA
(c) CARE

Q7. Which of the following is an independent banking industry watchdog that protects consumers of banking services in the country?
(a) BBB
(b) IBA
(d) IBRD
(e) RBI

Q8. Prominent Konkani writer Mahabaleshwar Sail was recently presented with the Saraswati Samman 2016 for his novel ___________.
(a) Kapalkundala
(b) Everyone has a Story
(c) Suryaheen
(d) Matam
(e) Hawthan

Q9. Name India's autonomous public organisation that has been ranked ninth in the world, according to the Scimago Institutions ranking World Report 2017.
(a) National Centre for Trade Information (NCTI)
(b) Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI)
(c) Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR)
(d) Indian Telephone Industries Limited (ITI Limited)
(e) Federation of Indian Export Organisations (FIEO)

Q10. Which of the following two states were the fastest expanding State economies in 2015-16, according to the data published by the Central Statistics Office?
(a) Jammu and Kashmir and Uttar Pradesh
(b) Jammu and Kashmir and Arunachal Pradesh
(c) Arunachal Pradesh and Maharashtra
(d) Maharashtra and Jammu and Kashmir
(e) Kerala and Karnataka

Q11. With which of the following country, India has signed two MoUs in the field of Railways in August 2017?
(a) Rwanda
(b) France
(c) Myanmar
(d) Switzerland
(e) China

Q12. International Day for the Remembrance of the Slave Trade and Its Abolition is celebrated on....?
(a) 31st July
(b) 10th December
(c) 5th June
(d) 23rd August
(e) 3rd May

Q13. Shora is the parliament of  _______?
(a) Nepal
(b) Bhutan
(c) Australia
(d) Pakistan
(e) Afghanistan

Q14. Durand Cup is associated with the game of..?
(a) Cricket
(b) Hockey
(c) Volleyball
(d) Football
(e) Basketball

Q15. Markets regulator SEBI barred Orion Capital as well as Orion Broking and their partners from the securities markets for 10 years. Who is the present Chairman of SEBI?
(a) Ajay Tyagi
(b) Rajiv Kumar
(c) Sanjiv Gaba
(d) Vishal Sikka
(e) Umesh Rawat

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