General Awareness Strategy For IBPS RRB Mains Examination

Having enough of knowledge of Current Affairs as well as the banking industry is all that is important to perform well in General Awareness Section of any banking exam. You should know what is happening around the globe. So much is happening every day that unless you keep yourself abreast of these changes you cannot adjust yourself to answer the questions asked in the GA section of IBPS RRB PO Mains Examination smoothly and easily. 

The events that happen around the world are recorded in a newspaper. Reading a newspaper on a daily basis makes an aspirant fit to participate usefully in any competitive exam. By avoiding everyday news telling yourself that you will do it in the end when the examinations are close, you only end up lying crushed under a pile of news. So, we hope you read the newspaper on a daily basis for past three months at least for RRB Mains Examination. 

Talking about the pattern of examination, there will be a total of 40 questions for 40 marks each. Out of those 40 questions, there will be 22-25 questions based solely on current affairs. Then, there will be 10-12 questions from banking awareness and 4-5 questions on Static Awareness. But the most important thing that you need to keep in mind is that both Banking Awareness and Static Awareness asked in the General Awareness Section are based on Current Affairs only. For example, questions on Banking awareness can be related to NABARD Amendment Bill 2017, Banking Regulation Act 1949 (as it has been amended recently), RBI Monetary Policy (4th bimonthly monetary policy announced by governor on 5th of October), and many more such topics that have been in news in the past three months. The questions can be framed in a twisted manner but will remain related to the topics that have been in news only. For example, the questions based on Monetary Policy can be related to Policy Rate, Indirect/Direct Rate, Reserve Ratio, tools of Monetary Policy, etc. 

Similary, questions on Static Awareness too will be related to countries, events or anything that has been in news for a while. For example, there was a news about US and Israel withdrawing from UNESCO. So, the questions asked can be related to the currency, capital, presidents or other important information related to the two countries. For example, there can be a question on Central Bank of US (Federal Reserve). 

It is necessary to have a basic knowledge of history and geography, or political and economic theories related to the events that are happening around us. Unless one knows the historical background or the geographical location of events reported, they will convey little of the value of importance. In short, one must go through the news with an educated mind, an informed judgment, and an essentially critical understanding, if they are to serve any purpose. Apart from the GA Section, an excellent knowledge of current news also helps you deal with the PI (Personal Interview) more efficiently so you do not give a mumble jumble answer to the interviewee's simple questions. 

We have also provided you all with the capsule that has every important info in it that will help you all deal with the GA section of RRB Mains examination efficiently and effectively. Success is a continuous journey where you have to maintain your consistency. Work hard and success will be wrapped around your little finger.

All the best for Mains Examination!!



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