The Hindu Newspaper Editorial Vocabulary For IBPS RRB 2017

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Vocabulary is an important part of English that helps you deal with all kinds of questions in objective as well as descriptive papers of various exams. You can learn new words in English daily from our English Vocabulary for IBPS PO, IBPS RRB, other banking and insurance exams. Learn the words and make your own sentences on the basis of the given word list. Here are a few lines from The Hindu.

Example: Tail wags the dog in Kathmandu.

1. Tail wagging the dog
Phrase: a situation where a small part is controlling the whole of something.

Example: We needed respite after the decade of conflict, the decade of Constitution-writing, and times of communal polarization and foreign interventionism.

2. Respite [res-pit] 
Noun: a delay or cessation for a time, especially of anything distressing or trying; an interval of relief; temporary suspension of the execution of a person condemned to death; reprieve.
Verb: to relieve temporarily, especially from anything distressing or trying; give an interval of relief from; to grant delay in the carrying out of (a punishment, obligation, etc.).
Synonyms: breather, breathing space, downtime, hiatus, interruption, layoff, letup, lull, recess, relaxation, relief, reprieve, truce, acquittal, adjournment, break, breath, cessation, deadlock, deferment, delay, deliverance, discharge, ease, exculpation, five, forgiveness, halt.
Antonyms: continuation, advance, beginning, blame.

3. Polarization [poh-ler-uh-zey-shuh n] 
Noun: a sharp division, as of a population or group, into opposing factions.
Synonyms: emission, broadcast, circulation, diffraction, diffusion, dispersal, dispersion, dissipation, distribution, divarication, divergence, propagation, ramification, scattering, spread, transmission.
Antonym: collection.

4. Interventionism [in-ter-ven-shuh-niz-uh m] 
Noun: the policy or doctrine of intervening, especially government interference in the affairs of another state or in domestic economic affairs.

Example: The economic resurgence emanating from political stability would also serve the people well, as also India, especially the northern ‘peripheries’ of Uttar Pradesh, Bihar and West Bengal.

5. Resurgent [ri-sur-juh nt] 
Adjective: rising or tending to rise again; reviving; renascent.
Synonyms: comeback, rebirth, rebound, recovery, rejuvenation, renaissance, renewal, restoration, resurrection, revitalization, triumph, renascence, return, reawakening.
Antonym: failure.

6. Emanate [em-uh-neyt] 
Verb: to flow out, issue, or proceed, as from a source or origin; come forth; originate; to send forth; emit.
Synonyms: arise, derive, emerge, emit, exude, originate, radiate, stem, birth, discharge, egress, exhale, exit, flow.
Antonyms: conceal, hold, keep, take.

7. Periphery [puh-rif-uh-ree] 
Noun: the external boundary of any surface or area; the external surface of a body; the edge or outskirts, as of a city or urban area.
Synonyms: brink, fringe, perimeter, rim, verge, ambit, border, boundary, brim, circuit, circumference, compass, covering.
Antonyms: center, inside, interior, middle.

Example: The High Court rejected the appeals filed by the SIT against the acquittal of 63 people, and also its appeals seeking enhancement of sentences. 

8. Acquittal [uh-kwit-l] 
Noun: the act of acquitting; discharge; the state of being acquitted; release; the discharge or settlement of a debt, obligation, etc.
Synonyms: absolution, amnesty, clearance, deliverance, discharge, dismissal, exculpation, exemption, exoneration, freeing, liberation, pardon, release, reprieve, vindication, acquitting, discharging, dismissing.
Antonyms: employment, hiring, hold, retention.

Example: Spared the noose.

9. Spare [spair] 
Verb: to refrain from harming or destroying; leave uninjured; forbear to punish, hurt, or destroy; to deal gently or leniently with; show consideration for; to save from strain, discomfort, embarrassment, or the like, or from a particular cause of it.
Synonyms: unoccupied, unused, backup, emergency, free, lagniappe, leftover, option, over, supernumerary, surplus, additional, de trop, in excess, in reserve.
Antonyms: fat, necessary, thick.

10. Noose [noos] 
Noun: a loop with a running knot, as in a snare, lasso, or hangman's halter, that tightens as the rope is pulled; a tie or bond; snare.
Verb: to secure by or as by a noose; to make a noose with or in (a rope or the like).
Synonyms: hitch, lariat, lasso, snare, tie, trap.


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