Banking Awareness Questions for IBPS PO and Clerk Mains 2017

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Banking Awareness for IBPS Exam 2017

Just a few days are left for IBPS PO Mains. It is time to pace up your preparation of Banking Awareness for IBPS PO and Clerk Mains. These questions related to Banking Awareness will also help you in preparing for other upcoming banking recruitment examination.

Q1. ___________ to provide guaranteed clearing and settlement functions for transactions in Money, G-Secs, Foreign Exchange and Derivative markets.
(a) NPCI
(b) SEBI
(c) GOI
(d) RBI
(e) CCIL

Q2. _________ will be authorised operational entities, adhering to the standards for facilitating bill payments online as well as through a network of agents, on the ground.
(c) Biller Payment
(d) Creditor
(e) Assets and Liabilities

Q3. ___________ a/an electronic trading platform, operated by the Reserve Bank of India, used to facilitate the exchange of government securities and other money market instruments. 
(a) Delivery versus Payment (DvP)
(b) Negotiated Dealing System (NDS)
(c) Risk Mitigation
(d) Competition Commission of India (CCI)
(e) None of the given options is true

Q4. Infrastructure Finance Company (IFC) is a non-banking finance company has a minimum Net Owned Funds of-
(a) Rs.100 Crore
(b) Rs.200 Crore
(c) Rs.500 Crore
(d) Rs.300 Crore
(e) Rs.800 Crore

Q5. Under which act NBFCs are incorporated?
(a) Banking Regulation Act, 1949
(b) Companies Act, 1956
(c) RBI Act 1934
(d) SBI Act 1955
(e) None of the given options is true

Q6. Which of the following public sector bank emblem figures a dog and the words ‘faithful, friendly’ in it?
(a) Punjab National Bank
(b) Oriental Bank of Commerce
(c) Syndicate Bank
(d) State Bank of India
(e) Indian Overseas Bank

Q7. If the shares or convertible debentures are not issued within __________ days from the date of receipt of the inward remittance or date of debit to NRE/FCNR(B)/Escrow account, the amount shall be refunded. 
(a) 210 days
(b) 150 days
(c) 180 days
(d) 120 days
(e) 90 days

Q8. ECB can be raised under Track-II for the general corporate purpose (including working capital). The minimum average maturity period will be-
(a) 05 years
(b) 10 years
(c) 15 years
(d) 20 years
(e) 25 years

Q9. Which of the following is the parent organisation of UPI?
(a) RBI
(b) GOI
(c) NPCI
(d) PMMY
(e) SEBI

Q10. As per the amendment, the pecuniary jurisdiction of the Banking Ombudsman to pass an award has been doubled to _____ rupees. 
(a) 20 lakh rupees
(b) 10 lakh rupees
(c) 25 lakh rupees
(d) 50 lakh rupees
(e) 5 lakh rupees

Q11. The promoters of Small Finance Banks should have _______ experience in banking and finance?
(a) 08 years
(b) 11 years
(c) 07 years
(d) 10 years
(e) 15 years

Q12. India Post Payments Bank (IPPB) has been recently incorporated as a Public Limited Company under the Department of Posts with _______ equity.
(a) 100% GOI equity
(b) 50% GOI and 50% RBI
(c) 50% GOI, 25% RBI, 25% Sponsor Bank
(d) 50% Sponsor Bank and 50% RBI
(e) 50% GOI, 35% RBI, 15% Sponsor Bank

Q13. Which bank has started insolvency resolution process against Lanco Infratech Ltd. following a directive from the Reserve Bank of India (RBI), While this is the first resolution process initiated by the lenders against 12 large borrowers identified by the RBI recently?
(a) State Bank of India
(b) IDBI Bank
(c) Punjab National Bank
(d) Bank of India
(e) ICICI Bank

Q14. Stepping up its fight against tax evasion, the Centre has made it mandatory to quote the Aadhaar number for opening bank accounts and for transactions exceeding-
(a) Rs.10,000
(b) Rs.80,000
(c) Rs.50,000
(d) Rs.1,00,000
(e) Rs.1,50,000

Q15. The Reserve Bank of India has initiated PCA on Bank of Maharashtra placing a restriction on the banking activities. What is the meaning of "A" in PCA?
(a) Against
(b) Assets
(c) Association
(d) Action
(e) Agency



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