Last Minute Tips for OICL AO Mains 2017


The time for OICL AO Mains Exam has come. Very soon you'll appear for the exam and there will be a moment when your hard work and dedication will bear fruit. This article is related to the last minute tips which will help you ease things out. You must be really careful with the choice of questions you attempt as each mark can make or break your goal of securing a job in the OICL AO Recruitment. nd don't panic if you encounter a tough question, just maintain you calm and concentration.

These are some general instruction which you MUST follow, you don’t really want to be stressed on The Day of Examination.

1. Test yourself today
This can help you a lot in adding that much needed finishing touch to your exam strategy. Take a mock test and practice your skills of time and topic management one last time before the actual face off.

2. To avoid unnecessary tension, equip yourself with all the necessary documents. 
This point could not take a back seat in our check list because it is the fore most thing to be taken care of today itself. Take a print out your admit card and ID proof, and read the instruction of your admit card. Do reach your venue well ahead of time as you don’t want to miss a brilliant opportunity just because you weren’t vigilant enough. 

3. Take 2 trips if you wish while solving the paper.
At first attempt the questions you find easy to approach and solve. Finishing them off will boost your confidence and keep you at bay from any stress. After you are done with all that you could have answered easily, then go for the second trip and try to attempt the questions you feel you can do with a little extra effort.

4. Be careful while choosing what to attempt and what to skip.
Your every move, your every decision will make or break your deal so it is very important that you choose very carefully what you are going to attempt in the examination. Don’t be tempted and get engrossed in any particular section or question for too long.

5. Don’t take anything on your ego
Well, it is quite probable you may feel you know the concepts to solve a question just too well yet you are unable to crack through it in the exam time, so just skip it, and take another question. Skip a question if you feel it is too time consuming or you might not be able to get it right, at the end you have to score enough to clear sectional and overall cut off. Let nothing kill your speed! so keep a track of your time and don’t get stuck anywhere.

6. Be wise and spare some extra seconds to carefully read the instructions.
It is good to be fast and save time when you can but you have to be wise and careful as well. Instruction or directions of a question are very important and you should read the instruction of every question you are about to attempt. What if it was something you’ve already practiced but asked in a twisted way! You can actually save marks by reading directions carefully.

7. Do not ignore simple questions; they may require you to be cautious.
Simple or easy level of questions can be your savior in OICL AO Mains, so don’t just get engrossed in the difficult ones. Read the instructions carefully, and attempt simple or easy level questions to gain plus points in your scoring bag.

8. Avoid making ‘silly mistakes’, they’ll cost you a year.
You’ve been longing for this opportunity to get a government job. So try to keep at a bay from making silly mistakes. Carefully solve and analyse question, do not presume thing, just read the direction and be careful as you will have negative marking.

9. Get the thought of ‘cut-off for OICL AO Mains 2017’ out of your head.
If the examination is of an easy level, it will be for everyone else appearing for this exam, so is the case even if it turns out to be of difficult level. This is not the time for you to think of cut-off. First, concentrate on the exam and making a decent number of attempts according to its difficulty level. Rest things will fall into places. So don’t overburden yourself and refrain from diverting your concentration.

Your confidence will sail you through this phase. No matter what is the difficulty level you’ll face in the exam just stay calm and believe in yourself. With a composed mind you’ll be able to crack through the examination, so sleep well and don’t stress yourself out. If you’ll say ‘I Can and I Will’ nothing can stop you from achieving your aim.



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