Adda247 App Complete Configuration

Dear Students,

As we all know that each and every government job aspirant is trying to give his/her best into his preparations for the preparations of government jobs. And in this era of technology, it’s really hard for us all to prepare in accordance with the latest pattern of the examination without online educational platforms. For this purpose, we serve you all with our Adda247 Application for Android and IOS, websites,, and, as well as Adda247 Youtube Channel for online video tutorials, that keep you updated of the latest pattern of various examinations as well as the recent changes introduced in the same. But, unfortunately, there are a number of aspirants who have no idea of this helpful application and they do not get an access to the study material available on the app that is really essential for their preparations.

So, students, this article is intended to guide you all about all the online platforms through which we prepare you for the exams. We prepare government job (banking, SSC, and CTET) aspirants through three of our online portals.

1. Our websites:,,,,

2. Adda247 App: If you haven’t downloaded this App yet then go to the google play store or apple store and download it right away. The special features of this app are that it is available in both English as well as the Hindi Language. To change the language, fonts or portal (Banking, SSC or CTET), follow the steps given below:

a) To change the portal-
When you open the Adda247 App, you see either of the three options, Banking, SSC or CTET, on the top of your screen. Once you tap on it, you get to see rest of the options underneath and you can choose the portal you prefer.

b) To change the language-
Settings> Content Language> Select Your Language> Save

c) To change the font-
Settings> Font Size > Select Your Font> Save

d) Night Mode-
One more feature of Adda247 App lets you study during the night easily. Most of the students prefer to study during the night but, as we all know, staring at your smartphone screen for too long in the dark can affect your eyes negatively. You can choose to switch to night mode in such a case.

3. Current Affairs: You need not surf through different websites on the internet to search for the important news (from the point of examination). You can open the Adda247 App and see the important news on the home screen itself. You can slide, the news will keep on appearing by and by and you can tap to read a news that you are interested in.  

Adda247 App is the platform where you get the important thing altogether, be it subject-wise quizzes, job alerts, important notifications or important current affairs. This article intends to inform you that everything available on our blog is also available on Adda247 App. This Application was brought up so as to ease your online preparations, as many of you had to go to cybercafes to access the online content through Computers. You can study anytime, anywhere with Adda247 Mobile App on your phone. 

Ab safalta aapke aur bhi kareeb!!

All the best for upcoming examinations!!


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