Current Affairs Questions for IBPS Clerk Mains 2017: 23rd Dec 2017

Dear Aspirants,

Current Affairs Questions for IBPS Clerk Mains 2017: 22nd Dec 2017
Current Affairs Quiz Based on The Hindu: 23rd Dec

Welcome to the world of Current Affairs 2017. With IBPS SO Prelims and IBPS Clerk Mains round the corner, it should be your priority to cover every aspect of Current Affairs on a daily basis for IBPS Clerk and IBPS SO Prelims so that you can do well in the exam. These current affairs are based on current news. Let us see how many questions you attempt accurately.

Q1. Name the country with which the Indian Government has signed an agreement aimed at combating black money stashed abroad.
(a) Switzerland
(b) USA
(c) China
(d) UAE
(e) Singapore

Q2. In which of the following state, India's first and only design university, 'World University of Design' has been opened recently?
(a) Maharashtra
(b) Haryana
(c) Madhya Pradesh
(d) Uttarakhand
(e) Himachal Pradesh

Q3. The 11th edition of bilateral exercise ‘Naseem Al Bahr’ or ‘Sea Breeze’ was held recently between India and ____________.
(a) Russia
(b) Azerbaijan
(c) oman
(d) Indonesia
(e) UAE

Q4. A loan agreement has been signed between India and ____________ for providing additional funding of EUR 20 million for the Pare Hydroelectric Plant project.
(a) Switzerland
(b) Singapore
(c) Japan
(d) Germany
(e) Russia

Q5. Name the Author who has won this year's Sahitya Akademi award for his work The Black Hill, a novel in English language.
(a) Ramesh Kuntal Megh
(b) Adil Jussawalla
(c) Jerry Pinto
(d) Cyrus Mistry
(e) Mamang Dai

Q6. The National Mathematics Day is celebrated in India on _____________.
(a) 20 December
(b) 22 December
(c) 24 December
(d) 26 December
(e) 28 December

Q7. Name the Indian celebrity who has topped the Forbes India Celebrity 100 list 2017.
(a) Virat Kohli
(b) Shahrukh Khan
(c) Amir Khan
(d) Salman Khan
(e) Akshay Kumar

Q8. Name the leader who has been recently appointed as the chief minister of Gujarat state.
(a) Smriti Irani
(b) Vijay Rupani
(c) Amit Shah
(d) Ananth Geete
(e) Nitinbhai Patel

Q9. Name the Author who has won this year's Sahitya Akademi award for his work Vishw Mithak Sarit Sagar, a literary criticism, in Hindi language.
(a) Nasira Sharma
(b) Ramesh Kuntal Megh
(c) Ramdarash Mishra
(d) Kashinath Singh
(e) Mridula Garg

Q10. What is the capital city of Oman?
(a) Sana
(b) Riyadh
(c) Baku
(d) Muscat
(e) Abu Dhabi

Q11. Who is the present Managing Director & Chief Executive Officer of United Bank of India?
(a) A.K. Pradhan
(b) Sameer Kumar Khare
(c) Arnab Roy
(d) Pawan Kumar Bajaj
(e) S. Suryanarayana

Q12. Which one of the following bank has not been placed under PCA by RBI?
(a) Central Bank of India
(b) Bank of India
(c) Syndicate Bank
(d) UCO Bank
(e) Indian Overseas Bank

Q13. Bern is the capital city of ______________.
(a) Singapore
(b) Denmark
(c) Sweden
(d) Switzerland
(e) Iceland

Q14. The Sahitya Akademi was formally inaugurated by the Government of India in ____________.
(a) 1954
(b) 1948
(c) 1962
(d) 1959
(e) 1949

Q15. Name the Present Deputy chief Minister of Gujarat.
(a) Hardik Patel
(b) Vijay Rupani
(c) Nitin Patel
(d) Veeresh Jaisawal
(e) None of the Given options is true

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