English Language Practice Questions For IBPS SO Prelims 2017

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English Language Practice Questions For IBPS SO 2017

English Section is a topic that is feared by most of the candidates appearing in the IBPS SO and IBPS Clerk Mains Exam. Though the sheer number of concepts and rules may seem intimidating at first, with discipline and the right approach, it is not difficult to master these concepts and their application to questions. Through such English Quizzes for IBPS Clerk, IBPS SO and other upcoming exams, we will provide you with all types of high-level questions to ace the questions based on new pattern English for IBPS SO and IBPS Clerk Mains.

Directions(1-10)  : Which of the words/phrases (a), (b), (c) and (d) given below should replace the words/phrases given in bold in the following sentences to make it meaningful and grammatically correct. If the sentence is correct as it is and ‘No correction is required’, mark (e) as the answer.

Q1. Indian criminal law occasionally criminalises acts that deceive a person. However, it is surprising that the criminalisation of an act that frighten the sanctity of a pure social institution such as marriage, by way of deception and lies, is facing challenges in the past few decades.
(a)give, clear, monitor
(b)seldom, split, creating
(c)explicitly, breaches, deceit
(d)normally, break, forwarding
(e) No change required.
Q2. A welfare-oriented and inclusively country like India, while demanding that a marriage be registered in order to acknowledge and protect the rights of the parties involved, cannot do on with a crime which undermined the same legally recognised institution.
(a) deceiving, remove, imprison
(b) comprehensive, lessen, clear
(c) services , foundation ,hinder
(d) inclusive, do away , undermines
(e) No change required.

Q3. Even within the narrow enclose of the heteronormative definition of marriage as recognised under Indian law, the comprehensive of the IPC regarding adultery seem particularly medieval.
(a) release, donation, requirements
(b) confines, provisions, medieval
(c) hold, providing, disruptive
(d) supply, decisive, modern
(e) No change required.

Q4. In the last few decades, with upgrade in technology, irrigation practices, and extension services, and with disruptive agricultural policies, India has seen improvement in food and nutrition security.
(a) strides, progressive, improvement
(b) incarcerate, remove, expected
(c) ruin, exertion, severity
(d) regard, including, effectiveness
(e) No change required.

Q5. Deficiency of iron in women not only reduces physical work capacity and causes lessen, but could lead to depression and post-partum maternal haemorrhage. In children, it upgrade growth and donation development.
(a)tiredness, improve, real
(b) fatigue, impairs, cognitive
(c)vigour, enhance, formation
(d) exhaustion, hinder, breakable
(e) No change required.

Q6. The global swirl would be caused by the fact that such a finding would go against the current news of the spread of Indo-European languages across Eurasia and also against current generated evidence.
(a) frequent, froth, origin
(b) heave, subside, common
(c) churning, understanding, genetic
(d) subside, see, arising
(e) No change required

Q7. What the world witnessed in the past few days at the United Nations, on a resolution demanding that the U.S. vigorous  its recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, was an unpredicted display of the arrogance of power.
(a) witnessed, rescind, unprecedented
(b) viewer, equaled, relating
(c)see, encourage, differently
(d) observe, frequent, limit
(e) No change required

Q8. The recent trend of intense in imports indicates that the government may have moved too late to curbing them, but flawed market timing isn’t the real issue.
(a) extreme, unmatched, limitation
(b) excess, check, nullify
(c) abate, viewer, disturb
(d) moderation, curb, flawed
(e) No change required

Q9. The government must devise better means to show up farm incomes without thrilling up inflation or upsetting carefully cultivating food security partnerships around the world.
 (a) rousing , change, subside
(b) shore up, stirring, cultivated
(c)bring, brake, excess
(d)put up, distorted, defective,
(e) No change required

The Indian economy’s energy mix needs to be structure through investments in clean renewable sources of energy like solar, wind, hydro, geothermal and low-emissions bioenergy, and by lift the level of energy efficiency through investments in building retrofitting, grid upgrades, and industrial efficiency.
(a) shape, along, causing
(b) remodeled, raising, retrofits
(c) figure, pull, and
(d) component, clear, common
(e) No change required

Direction(11-15): Find out the error, if any. If there is no error, the answer is (e), i.e. No error. (Ignore the errors of punctuation, if any.)

Q11. A group of youngsters (a)/ has lend financial assistance (b)/ to the flood-affected (c)/ people of the villages (d)/ No error (e).

Q12. If you want to (a)/ ensure prompt service (b)/ please have contact LIS (c)/ as soon as possible (d)/ No error (e).

Q13. The list of candidates admitted (a)/ to the test should be remain (b)/ with the invigilator (c)/ during the test (d)/ No error (e).

Q14. While the issue was no longer (a)/ as serious as the demise or survival of the, company (b)/ the ultimate fate of this national treasure (c)/ was far off settled (d)/ No error (e).

Q15. Where the default is willful and deliberately (a)/ legal steps should be taken promptly (b)/ after obtaining approval (c)/ from the appropriate authority (d)/ No error (e).

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