Banking Quiz for Canara Bank and Syndicate Bank PO Exam 2018

Dear Aspirants,

Banking Quiz for Canara Bank and Syndicate Bank PO Exam 2018

With the increased competition in the field of banking examinations, it has now become very important to cover up all the sections efficiently. One subject that can help you bagging graceful marks in the minimum time in these examinations is Banking Awareness. Banking Awareness not only helps you deal with the General Awareness Section of Banking Exams but also, the Personal Interview round of Banking Recruitment.

Q1. India's largest digital bank _____________ is the only bank providing zero balance accounts and zero charges on digital transactions.
(a) India Post Payments Bank
(b) Paytm Payments Bank
(c) Airtel Payments Bank
(d) Fino Payments Bank 
(e) None of the given options is true

Q2. Name the company, which has become the first-ever broking arm of a bank to take membership of a commodity exchange by registering itself with NCDEX.
(a) South Securities
(b) Kotak Securities
(c) HDFC Securities
(d) ICICI Securities
(e) Axis Securities

Q3. BSE's India International Exchange (India INX) has received approval from the capital market regulator SEBI on the framework for the listing of debt securities. Who is the present Chairman of SEBI?
(a) Urjit Patel
(b) HK Bhanwala
(c) Ajay Tyagi
(d) UK Sinha
(e) Rajeev Mehrishi

Q4. The RBI has triggered PCA against Corporation Bank in view of high non-performing loans and requirement to raise capital recently. PCA stands for-
(a) Prompt Corrective Area
(b) Prompt Corrective Action
(c) Prompt Concern Action
(d) Prompt Common Action
(e) Prime Corrective Action

Q5. The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has imposed ____________ penalty on IndusInd Bank for breaching rules on income classification norms.
(a) Rs 15 crore
(b) Rs 7 crore
(c) Rs 10 crore
(d) Rs 3 crore
(e) Rs 20 crore

Q6. Who is the present Chairman and Managing Director (CMD) of Dena Bank?
(a) Ashwani Kumar
(b) Ramesh S Singh
(c) Shakti Rao
(d) Rakesh Sethi
(e) Amit Chatterjee

Q7. Name the Managing Director & CEO of Andhra Bank.
(a) A Krishnakumar
(b) Kul Bhushan Jain
(c) A K Rath
(d) Suresh N Patel
(e) G Sivakumar

Q8. Founded in 1943, UCO Bank is a commercial bank and a Government of India Undertaking. Who is present MD & CEO of UCO Bank?
(a) Charan Singh
(b) G Subramania Iyer
(c) Md Mustafa
(d) Ajay Tyagi
(e) RK Takkar

Q9. Sunil Mehta is MD and CEO of which Bank?
(a) Central Bank of India
(b) United Bank of India
(c) Punjab National Bank
(d) Allahabad Bank
(e) Bank of Baroda

Q10. Jai Kumar Garg is Managing Director and CEO of-
(a) State Bank of India
(b) Corporation Bank
(c) Union Bank of India
(d) Indian Overseas Bank
(e) United Bank of India

Q11. An FVCI can invest in an Indian company engaged in-
(a) Biotechnology
(b) Dairy industry
(c) Production of bio-fuels
(d) IT related to hardware and software development
(e) All of the above

Q12. If the shares or convertible debentures are not issued within __________ days from the date of receipt of the inward remittance or date of debit to NRE/FCNR(B)/Escrow account, the amount shall be refunded. 
(a) 210 days
(b) 150 days
(c) 180 days
(d) 120 days
(e) 90 days

Q13. FCCB is a type of corporate bond issued by an Indian company in an overseas market in a currency different from that of the issuer. FCCB stands for-
(a) Foreign Currency Convertible Board 
(b) Foreign Currency Convertible Banking 
(c) Foreign Currency Convertible Bond
(d) Foreign Currency Convertible Base 
(e) Foreign Currency Convertible Basel 

Q14. What is the meaning of "C" in ECB?
(a) Concourse
(b) Cashless
(c) Common
(d) Conclusion
(e) Commercial

Q15. ECB can be raised under Track-II for general corporate purpose (including working capital). The minimum average maturity period will be-
(a) 05 years
(b) 10 years
(c) 15 years
(d) 20 years
(e) 25 years