How Total Weighted Score is Calculated for IBPS RRB PO Mains 2017

Dear Aspirants,

IBPS has released scorecards for RRB Officer Scale-I Mains 2017-18 Examination. But many aspirants were puzzled that their obtained score in all the sections when added up isn't what they've got as the Total Score for IBPS RRB PO Mains Exam. Why is that so? Is there a mistake or is there a catch in that? Keep on reading if you were having similar thoughts after seeing your scorecard because we are going to explain How is Total Weighted Score (TWS) Calculated!!!

Following is the scorecard of an aspirant:

If you add up the sectional scores of this candidates - Reasoning (10.50) + Computer Knowledge (23.00) + General Awareness (23.00) + Hindi Language (22.50)  + Quantitative Aptitude(9.50) = Adds up to 88.50. But That is Not the Total Weighted Score. 

The total marks in the scorecard represent Total Weighted Score, As per IBPS's Guidelines, the marks obtained in the sections are multiplied in the following manner and then added to obtain the TWS- (Reasoning 1.25, Computer Knowledge-0.5, G.A-1, English-1, Quantitative Aptitude-1.25)

Hence if we calculate the total weighted score of this candidate, it will be:

Reasoning- 10.50×1.25 = 13.125
Computer Knowledge- 23.00×0.5= 11.50
G.A- 23.00×1=23.00
Hindi Language- 22.50×1=22.50
Quantitative Aptitude- 9.50×1.25=11.875

Now, to obtain the total weighted score we'll add these up and that will be equal to 82.00. 

So, this is how IBPS has obtained the TWS, and we hope your doubts will be resolved after reading this article. All the best for the Final Result!!