IBPS Clerk Main 2017-18 Exam Analysis and Review

IBPS Clerk Main 2017-18 Exam Analysis: 

IBPS Clerk Main 2017-18 Recruitment Exam is over, Now it's time for the much awaited IBPS Clerk Mains Exam Analysis & Review (21st Jan 2018). Many students have appeared for this exam today and this brings them to a step closer in their journey of getting a Job in govt. sector. Without wasting any moment, let's get straight to the analysis for which you are all waiting for. Last year's IBPS Clerk Main exam came as a bolt from the blue, with unexpected changes in level and types of questions asked in the exam but this year - Overall the exam was of a Moderate Level level.  And no questions were asked from computer aptitude. Keep on reading to know it all about types of questions asked in 2017-18's IBPS Clerk Main Exam. 

IBPS Clerk Main 2017 exam had 4 sections in the objective test of 200 marks - Reasoning and Computer Aptitude, English Language, Quantitative Aptitude, and General Economy and Banking Awareness. Each section had its particular time limit and overall the IBPS Clerk Main Paper was for 160 minutes.

IBPS Clerk Main 2017-18 Exam ANALYSIS (OVER-ALL):

Reasoning and Computer Aptitude19-23
English Language18-21
Quantitative Aptitude29-34
General Economy and Banking Awareness30-34

Quantitative Aptitude Moderate )

This section had 50 questions for 50 marks with a time limit of 45 minutes.  The Level of this section was not too difficult, an aspirant with good calculation speed and practice can easily score in this year's Clerk main's Quantitative Aptitude Section. Accuracy always plays a major role when it comes to scoring good in competitive exams.

There were three sets of Data Interpretation with 5 questions in each set. The level was Moderate. Following were the types of DI asked in this exam:
  • Caselet
  • Tabular - the given data was related to booking of berths in trains done by Males and Females acrosss the country on IRCTC's website. The set of questions with this tabular DI were of moderate level.
  • Tabular- this DI had data related to speed and distance covered by various trains.
Other Moderate level questions asked in Quant section of IBPS Clerk Main exam were - Quadratic Equation, Approximation and Missing Series. Candidates with good practice must have aimed to grab maximum marks from these sets of questions. Speedy Calculation is the key to solve these questions.

There were also 5 questions from Data Sufficiency which had 2 statements in each question.

Miscellaneous- Arithmetic Word Problems included questions from the following topics- Problem on Ages, Percentage, Ratio and Proportion, Time and Work, SI & CI, Partnership, Speed, and Distance.

TopicNo. of QuestionsLevel
Data Interpretation15Moderate-Difficult
Data Sufficiency5Moderate-Difficult
Missing Number Series5Moderate
Quadratic Equation5Moderate
Miscellaneous - Arithmetic Word Problems15Moderate

English Language (Moderate)

This section had 40 questions for 40 marks with a time limit of 35 minutes. There were 2 reading comprehensions (12 questions), one passage had 5 questions and another passage had 7 questions:

  • One passage was related to IBM Company's Policies
  • Another was based on hacking of social media accounts

In this year's IBPS Clerk Main Exam's English Language Section, a major proportion of questions were related to word usage or were vocabulary based. There were 5 questions of Antonym and Synonym and around 8 questions related to word usage. With such a pattern it is best to stay calm and first invest time in reading the directions properly.

Sentence Rearrangement questions were of a new pattern where (according to the review given by aspirants) 5 statements/sentences were given and out of which 3 were placed correctly and 2 were not in the correct place in the passage. The candidates had to identify those 2 incorrect/ incorrectly places sentences and identify their proper position in the given passage.

No. of Questions
Reading Comprehension 12Moderate
Phrase Replacement5Moderate
Double Filler5Easy
Sentence Rearrangement5Moderate
Miscellaneous- Word Usage8Easy-Moderate

Reasoning and Computer Aptitude  (Difficult)

Only this section was of a difficult level when compared with the rest in this examination. No questions were asked from Computer Aptitude. There were 4 sets of Puzzles and Seating Arrangement. Following were the types of puzzles asked:
  • Linear (North-South) - In this seating arrangement the direction in which people are sitting was not clearly mentioned and there were 8 people who were sitting in two parallel lines facing North and South.
  • Floor Based Puzzle- this puzzle had 3 variables- 3 floors, 3 flats and 9 persons
  • Box Based Puzzle- 2 Variables- Box and Colors
  • Blood Relation Based Puzzle
There were also 5 questions of Data Sufficiency where only 1 question had 3 statements whereas all the other 4 questions had 2 statements in each question.

No. of Questions
Sitting Arrangement and Puzzles 
Moderate- Difficulty
Data Sufficiency
Machine Input Output
Alpha-Numeric-Symbol Series
Alphabet Series
Direction Sense

General Economy and Banking Awareness (Easy-Moderate)
This section was also of a Moderate level, the maximum number of questions were from Current Affairs of December 2017 and January 2018. There were around 10-12 questions from Static Awareness, 10-12 questions from Banking (based on current affairs and news). One question was also asked from Nobel Prize 2017.