Professional Knowledge Questions for IBPS SO Marketing Mains 2017

Dear Aspirants,

Professional Knowledge Questions for IBPS SO Marketing Mains 2017

Test your Professional Knowledge of Marketing with this questionnaire to prepare for IBPS Marketing Officer Examination. To score in IBPS SO (Marketing) Mains, the candidates must have an adequate knowledge of Marketing Planning, New Product Life Cycle, Segmentation, Consumer Behaviour, Brand Management and more. This quiz covers the important chapters of Marketing to help you prepare for the exam.

Q1. In case of buying behaviour, which of the following is/are require a high involvement of the consumer in the buying process? 
(I) Variety Seeking Behaviour
(II) Habitual Buying Behaviour
(III) Complex Buying Behaviour
(IV) Dissonance-reducing Buying Behaviour

(a) Only (I)
(b) Only (IV)
(c) Only (I) & (II)
(d) Only (III) & (IV)
(e) Only (II) & (III)

Q2. Titan, added protective packing to its alarm clocks and claimed "?Here is a travel clock with a protective shutter. Available in 3 dial options and 4 elegant colours."The statement points out which level of product?
(a) Differentiated Product
(b) Potential Product
(c) Branded Product
(d) Customised Product
(e) Augmented Product

Q3. Among the various functions performed by market intermediaries the bulk-breaking function consists of
(a) combining products purchased from several manufacturers to create assortments.
(b) buying products in relatively large quantities and selling in smaller quantities
(c) classifying accumulated products as to grade and size, and then grouping them accordingly
(d) buying small quantities of a particular product from many small producers and then selling the assembled larger quantities
(e) None of the above

Q4. In case of IN-STORE RETAILING, Specialty mass merchandiser that sells a limited line of nationally known brand names is known as_____________ 
(a) Category Superstore
(b) Off-Price Retailer
(c) Warehouse Club
(d) Catalog Showroom
(e) Speciality Store

Q5. Mercedes may suggest a no-nonsense boss (person), a reigning lion (animal), or an austere palace (object). This conveys which aspect of a brand?
(a) Brand Culture
(b) Brand Attributes
(c) Brand Values
(d) Brand Personality
(e) Brand Benefits

Q6. Which of the following can be a potential cause of channel conflict in case of distribution intermediary's goal? 
(a) To allocate shelf space among multiple brands so as to maximize total product sales
(b) To ensure prompt, accurate payments
(c) To secure ad support from intermediaries
(d) To receive adequate notice before deliveries are required
(e) To receive orders on a regular basis

Q7. Economic utility created by making goods available where consumers want them is defined by which of the following?
(a) Form Utility
(b) Place Utility
(c) Time Utility
(d) Economic Utility
(e) Possession Utility

Q8. Keeping customers in mind the functions performed by a marketing channel intermediary would be which one of the following?
(a) Promotion, especially communication of product information
(b) Providing management services
(c) Gathering customer information
(d) Financing customer purchases
(e) Assorting items into desired variety

Q9. Psychographics is the science of measuring and categorizing consumer lifestyles.In this regard, the group with greater resources as according to VALS segmentation would be? 
(a) Strivers
(b) Believers
(c) Makers
(d) Strugglers
(e) Experiencers

Q10. Which of the following is a function performed by packaging?
(a) Describe the product
(b) Protection of product
(c) Specify product contents
(d) Grading of products
(e) Provide information required by law