What Is Your New Year's Resolution?

What Is Your New Year's Resolution?

The new year, 2018 is already here. Most of you must have indulged in retrospection and reevaluation of your decisions and achievements of the previous year. New year's resolution is a perfect opportunity for all those who have failed to achieve the goals that they wanted to, in the previous year. Many of you must have procrastinated most of the important actions that needed to be taken in order to have your goal achieved and could never do what they would have set to do in the next week, next month, or perhaps in the season of competitive examinations.

When it comes to the New Year’s resolutions, most of you guys shoot for the moon. You tell yourselves that this is going to be that year, you will give up procrastination, wake up early in the morning to work even harder towards your goals, become a real eager beaver or quit all your bad habits. And, after a month or two, you find yourselves right back where you began.

So students, what can be done to avoid this collapse of your New Year's resolution that you set in order to achieve your goal? Don't you think that you need a complete reset instead of a new resolution? The new year signifies a new beginning. However, every new day can mark a new beginning, and hence a reset. 

How is a reset different from a resolution? A resolution is your decision to do or not to do something, whereas, a reset is an opportunity to set it again, to set your actions in a way that you do not drop down the idea of acting upon your new year's resolution. With a reset, you commit to the goal that you want to achieve by making small changes and taking little steps towards it every day, not just on the first day of the year. 

A reset allows for versatility as you progress and helps you figure out what actually does and what doesn’t work for you and your goals. Work towards your aim every single day with the same enthusiasm and excitement that you show on the very first day of the year. This is going to be the only key to achieve your goal in this new year, 2018. So students, decide, reset, and work, and you are there.

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