"Be Not Afraid Of Going Slowly, Be Afraid Only Of Standing Still" : Yogesh Srivastava (RRB PO)

“Till the full stop doesn’t come, the sentence is not complete”: Amrendra Kumar (IBPS RRB PO)


My journey started in July 2015 after completing my Post Graduation. During my preparation, first of all, I had set a timetable for each subject. Banker's Adda was very helpful throughout my preparation especially its "daily study kit". It's my personal advice to all novice to go through its daily study kit. Moreover, their capsules are worth to read for banking awareness section in MAINS examination. The key to success is PUNCTUALITY and DEDICATION. 

During my preparation in these 2.5 years many times I felt to quit banking exams but in the next moment "desire for success" and motivational stories of my seniors in bankersadda again filled me with zeal and enthusiasm. 

Just focus on your goal and keep trying to achieve it with loyalty and hard work. Everything will fall for you if you are loyal enough towards it.

At the end, I am highly thankful to the Almighty for his blessing and my brother for supporting me.

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