Interview Experience 2017 -18 (Anil Dahatonde)

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IBPS PO is one of the most sought-after Government Sector job these days. Personal Interview is the final round of IBPS PO 2017-18 Recruitment. Interview experiences can help you get an insight of the difficulty level, environment, and types of questions that are asked in IBPS PO 2017-18 Interview Round. Here is the interview experience of  Anil Dahatonde.

I am Anil Dahatonde appeared for ibps po 2018 interview on 30th January and here is my experience.

Riched the venue at 8.30 am (Pune) done the biometric by 10.15 am and entered for the interview at 10.20 am. 

It was a panel of 4 members having one lady. 

Me - Knocking the door and asked may I come in mam. 
F - Yes please come in. 
She asked me to have a sit, after sitting I thanked her and greeted all. 

M1(who was the most senior) - So Anil tell me about your family and educational background.
Me - Mentioned my family details and educational details along that I told him about a skill center that I tried to start but was unable to do so due to financial reasons.(I told it deliberately, coz I was expecting questions on that, and that happened) 

M1 - what is skill center? 
Me - Explained 

M2 - How it is different from ongoing courses? 
Me - Explained the benefits.

F1 - As you said you had a financial issue what was that? 
Me - Given all the details about expenses of center and the deposit to be made with govt. 

M1 - Suddenly, what is a fiscal deficit? 
Me - Told

M2 - what is current GDP ratio? 
Me - Told about 2017-18 and of 2018-19 as per economic servey. 

M1 - For your center have you applied for any loan? 
Me - Yes sir, I tried for MUDRA, but was not allocated the loan.

F1 - Suppose now you are on this side of the table and another anil comes in and asks for the loan will you give him the loan? 
Me - I will first go through his proposal and documents.....

M1 stopped me all his documents are clear than... 
Me - (took a little brighter ) sir than if funds are available in the bank for that scheme i will sanction the loan else will tell him right now funds for that scheme are not available and inform him about possible time when to apply again

M1 - As a manager what will be the most important thing that you check while sanctioning the loan? 
Me - Mortgage or Guarantee. 

M1 - Yes you are 90 % right but what is the other thing. 
Me - after thinking for a while said sorry sir at the moment as per my knowldge i don't have answer to this question.

M1 - Told me that you should chek his honesty if he wants to repay or not through the Communication you will have, you might be wrong by the time but it is how you should do. 
M2 - Tell me about some other schemes by govt for poors. 
Me - Told about PMJDY, PMAY, saubhagya and said at the moment I remember only this. 

M2 - what crops do you have in your farm?
As my father is a farmer
Me - Told 

M3 - ( The only question in the interview by him) 
Why shouldn't we prefare you istade of others? 
Me - Told about my presentation skills, I have worked in projects so I know what it takes to be a good team player, and with my technical background, it will be easy for me to adjust with software. 

F1 and M1 with a smile said thank you and you may go now. 

Me - Thanked them all, wished a good day and left the room. 

Friends the interview was for 15 - 17 mins and the panel was very friendly, throughout I felt that they were satisfied with my answers. And the most important thing they will ask you questions about what you say as in my case it was skill center which proved very handy for me,so prepare for such questions and a best of luck to all.

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