Interview Experience 2017 -4 (Vishal Kochar)

Dear Aspirants,

IBPS PO is one of the most sought-after Government Sector job these days. Personal Interview is the final round of IBPS PO 2017-18 Recruitment. Interview experiences can help you get an insight of the difficulty level, environment, and types of questions that are asked in IBPS PO 2017-18 Interview Round. Here is the interview experience of  Vishal Kochar.

Vishal Kochar (02/02/2018 - 8:30 , BOI stc Noida)

Our biometric verificatin started around 9:00 AM and then after document verification one by one , my turn for PI came around 12 : 40 P.M. There were 5 members in the panel (4 males + 1 female. I entered the room after taking permission and wished them good afternoon (first to mam and then to all of them.)They asked me to sit . I sat and said thankyou.

M3: Introduce yourself to us.
V: Gave a brief introduction and told about family and education.
(M2 Interrupted and asked ' ye joint family matlab chacha taaya na ', I said yes sir and he said ok continue)

M3 : ok vishal have you ever done your SWOT analysis . tell me about your strengths.
V : Told them one and then he asked for an example where I had used
this strength earlier ..i gave one example.

M3 : then he gave me a situational question which i answered and he said very good, you should include honesty in your strengths too. I said thankyou sir

M2 : So you had done graduation in mathematics hons. How it'll be useful in bank ?
V : Answered

M1: What is black money ? is it black in color ?
V: Answered but he was not looking satisfied

M3 : Vishal have you heard about Money Laundering . What is it ?
V: Answered

M3 : Why do people keep it ? What is the main Reason ?
V: At that time I said 'Tax Saving'.

M3:Tax saving or Tax evasion
V: Tax evasion. sorry sir.

M4 : Can you tell me the major difference between Public sector and
private sector bank.
V: Answered making government stake the ground of my answer

M4: which is the largest public sector Bank in India ?

M4 : Among nationalised banks ?

M4 : Who is the current CEO?
V: Sorry sir. I don't know.

M4 : Its ok. Which is the largest private bank ? Do you the name of its CEO.
V: Sir , Its ICICI bank and Current CEO and MD is Mrs. Chanda Kochhar then he asked a question over my bank preferences.

And F added 'pehla form hai kya ? ' to which I answered Yes Mam It was my first time to fill bank preferences (I don't know if my preferences were that much bad .. :P)

Then F asked : Do you know about HUF's?
V: Sorry mam ! I don't know.

F: OK Vishal you can go now ,best of luck!
Thanked Ma'am, thanked Sirs and wished them a good day. Evryone said 'Thanks' and M3 said 'Thanks dear.'

Hope this helps everyone! All the best to everyone!